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  2. People like Ebron who are technically a millenial, but close enough to the older generation (Gen X?) to have grown up without social media until it was the giant it is today have this sort of problem. You have those accounts to interact and converse, but most people anymore just want to say anything and then not be held accountable for it. So if you can't distance yourself from the 99.9% of trolling trash, stay away from it altogether. Not really worth your time.
  3. I think Kurt Warner is one of the most overrated Qbs in history
  4. Legit playoff teams with scheme and cap space to accomodate McCoy: Colts Browns (risky) Seahawks Eagles (set at DT) Cowboys Chiefs (barely) Looks like a 3 team race to me.
  5. Yes...I should have said added a DT from Tampa. Thanks. Nevertheless...you get my drift. Lol
  6. I think you meant.... Mahomes? After one good MVP year and all of the sudden he's top 3? And the answer would be..................YES
  7. I'd be very surprised if the bidding surpasses the money Houston got during the first wave of free agency...and I would think we'd pay that. If he is limiting his search to a contender, then that eliminates a lot of the teams that have the cap space remaining to bid 8 figures. The Saints certainly don't have that kind of space without fancy footwork.
  8. Yeah, there's a legit argument for a handful of guys at the #5 spot. If you watched the video, when Kurt puts Brees at #2, I think I heard David Carr say "Colts are gonna be so happy, Colts are excited." And then when Kurt is about to pick #1, he says "Andrew Luck?". I was like "No, don't do that. Don't put Luck #1 and leave Brady off the list. This hype-train will get de-railed and Brady will end up with another MVP and Lombardi..."
  9. An interior pass rusher that can provide pressure up the middle. With a little more size than most of our other options sans Stewart. That’s all I’ve been asking for...I’d love this signing if it happens. Would address our most glaring remaining concern.
  10. I'm not referring to that audio. You do realize he's facing child abuse charges and it is a serious investigation/case with neither parent having custody, correct? That audio could make him a big loser in the courts and if so, he's 100%, make that 1,000%, done. And with the severity of it, he either fights it all the way which will drag out and be a long slow process to the point of the Chiefs walking away from him completely. Or he pleads guilty to keep from spending time, in which case it is his death sentence as far as the nfl is concerned.
  11. It should be. Last time we signed a quality DT from Tampa...we won it all...in Miami. We all know where the Super Bowl is being played this year. Let’s get it done Ballard.
  12. No. No rule changes were made. Existing rules were reemphasized. This has been a Pats fan favorite statement ever since that season.
  13. I understand. Due to injuries, he hasn't been able to completely prove himself. But aside from his lack of availability (which I admit is a big deal), everything points to him being a really good safety. I'm just wondering what it's going to take for you to say "Ok, fine, Hooker is good." If he stays healthy for the entire season and makes the Pro Bowl, it will just confirm what most of us have been seeing since his first game.
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  15. Drew Bree says he wants Mcoy on the Saints: It’s no secret that the relationship between New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is strong. They regularly train together in the offseason and are very familiar with each other’s talents on the field. When asked by Andrew Clay of KATC-TV how he’d feel about the prospect of McCoy signing with the Saints as a free agent, Brees was all smiles. He’s a stud, he’s a great player,” Brees grinned. “I mean you’re basically asking me if I would love having a Pro Bowl defensive tackle that I’ve spent the last eight years trying to run around and avoid, not have hit me, join our team. Yeah of course.” https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/22/saints-drew-brees-gerald-mccoy-cut-bucs-free-agent/ Something tells me he's going to end up being too far outside of our valuation when it gets down to the money.
  16. DougDew

    Day one OTAs

    No, since I've never claimed he was bad at his job. I've said that given the circumstances, I don't know how good he is. I've explained this several times in this thread, and all threads about Hooker I comment in. Why do you pretend to not understand the difference?
  17. Hard to argue... he can throw the ball 80 yards, led the league in TDs last year, & he has Andy Reid.
  18. That's fine that you share his opinion.... I don't.
  19. I think that 42 YO Cheatin’ Tom shouldn’t be on the list. If it’s for 2019, my list goes: 1) Mahomes 2) Brees 3) Luck 4) Wilson 5) Rodgers/Mayfield
  20. I'm not ignoring anything. Can you link something that illustrates Hooker is bad at his job? Because almost everything I've seen is showing he is pretty darn good at his job.
  21. I didn't say it was unreasonable or that I was slighted by it. I'm just pointing out that he hasn't jumped on the Colts bandwagon like a lot of talking heads. As I pointed out earlier, Luck is 2nd in odds to win MVP behind Mahomes. The Hype-Train is chugging along.
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