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Happy Birthday, Anthony Richardson!

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He is mature beyond his years. His easy manner is difficult not to like. He is very comfortable in who he is and humble to know that he has alot to learn. Being only 22 years old today, we are very fortunate to hopefully see him grow along under the tutelage of Shane Steichen. 

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    • Appreciate the response.   A few thoughts to share….   i think Irsay only steps down IF his health deteriorates.  No use in comparing him to Kraft, his health appears to be better even though he’s much older.     But if Irsay stepped aside, here’s why I don’t see the daughters blowing things up and starting over.   If they fire Ballard — fine.  But if they also fire Dodds and Brown, at that point, I think you’d see the rest of the scouting department resign (if they weren’t fired too).  They will all get good jobs elsewhere too.     At that point, Steichen is surrounded by very few who know him.  Worse for the daughters…. There would then be a clear line.   With Irsay vs with the daughters.  And if the new GM doesn’t do well and things go south, then the blame won’t go as much to the new GM as it will to the daughters who decided to blow things up.   They’ll be the focus of incredible hate if the new regime makes fans long for what looks like the good old days of the Ballard years.      The argument for not hiring Dodds or Brown seems to be little more than Ballard-hate.  Those people want nothing more to do with anyone associated with Chris Ballard.   Guilt by association, not because of ability.      Thats why I described hiring one of Dodds or Brown as the easiest, simplest, cleanest move to make.  Much less risk.  But blowing it up and starting over is the far higher risk move.  Threading a tiny needle hoping to get it right.     By the way, if you fire Ballard and company and hire a new GM, who does those interviews?   Honestly, who?   Who would you feel good about conducting the interviews of the new GM?      Firing someone is easy.  Hiring the right person is really hard.    Thanks for your patience. 
    • I just want to be on record now. If the Colts fire Ballard for whatever reason in the next few years, I have no clue what direction they will go. Just wanted to get that out there in case any of you were wondering my opinion on this. 
    • I understand there are a lot of people that don’t know the story. I for one am burnt out on it. I do find it funny they “stole” the Ravens from Cleveland but whine about the Colts leaving. Sports bring out the best homers and team spirit. 
    • Colts by 17. Going to be a rough week for you buddy.    Thats a joke. I have no idea but would probably lean towards the Packers winning if I had to choose. I do think it’s great you may have transitioned to a third franchise QB in a row. I hope Love has a great career for you guys. Always had a soft spot for the Packers and they would probably be my team if I didn’t love the Colts. I enjoy it when you guys are good. Best of luck this year!!  
    • Packers have a pretty strong and balanced team. The defense was able to hold the Chiefs to a low score last year while the offense was perhaps the only one to score over 24 points on the Chiefs defense.    But really it’s hard to say as of right now. Let’s see how everyone fares during training camp and after their season openers. Lots of things can change. 
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