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Patriots part ways with Belichick


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I know there is a thread that encompasses every coach fired but Belichick to me, was still a heck of a coach that deserved his own thread. His teams were prepared, didn't shoot themselves in the foot, and you had to earn wins against them. Like any other modern NFL team, no good QB play, no winning, no different for Belichick either.


Him switching up Ty Law and Rodney Harrison vs Peyton, being prepared for a play the Seahawks ran at the goal line only twice the entire season, fooling so many QBs so many times on defense etc., he did a lot of great things over the years except being a good GM. I wish him luck because I am sure his coaching days are getting close to being done. 


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Everyone has opinions on who the GOAT is at different positions and coaches. These are facts though going by wins:



1. Don Shula = 347-173 Regular Season + Playoffs (2 SB wins, went undefeated in a season - 1972 at 17-0, only Coach to do it).


2. Bill Belichick = 333-178 Regular Season + Playoffs (6 SB wins).



1. Tom Brady = 286-95 Regular Season + Playoffs (7 SB wins).


2. Peyton Manning = 200-92 Regular Season + Playoffs (2 SB wins).


If you go by overall wins and want to factor in that the person has to have won multiple SBs, then these are the best of all-time.


I think Belichick should go to the Chargers. He needs 15 wins to get the record, he would have Herbert. He can do that in 2 seasons IMO. 

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