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2023 Week 15 All Around the NFL game thread


Denver @ Detroit  

  1. 1. Who are you rooting for?

    • The Lions
    • The Broncos
    • Neither

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1 minute ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Bad design.  I agree with Tiki(?), you need a lineman back there for the push, not a RB.


1 minute ago, Dingus McGirt said:

A small RB at that.

Agree - adding a lineman gives you other options, like avplay action pass like Shane likes to do with Franklin in the backfield but even if you do run it, you'd get more push or a better block from a lineman.

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1 minute ago, Restinpeacesweetchloe said:

Those two short down plays were ridiculous. Can we stop with the rush push. Why is a small guy trying to push the QB over the line.


Yes, everyone is falling in love with that tush push. I don't like it in that situation. It is okay when trying to score a TD.


Years ago, that tush push would be illegal. I am not sure when it became legal.

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Just now, Restinpeacesweetchloe said:

Going for it is fine. But eagles are the only ones that can work that play. A small RB trying to push the QB is hillarious. Why not a extra lineman.


I was okay with going for it but maybe throw a short pass or let the RB run for it.

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@Lancer1 @IinD


If Denver wins today, they will have the same record as the Colts. Denver has the Pats, the Chargers and the Raiders to end the season. They can win all those games. If they win today and their remaining games, they will have an 11-6 record.


The Colts have the Falcons, the Raiders and the Texans to end the year. They too can win out.


If Denver loses today, the most they can win is 10 games.


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