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Washington accused of lying to a player


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45 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

Yeah, that's some messed up stuff.


They'll have paid the most for a tier 3 QB this off season....i think san fran will be lucky to get something like what we got for wentz as they try to offload jimmy g

Ballard likes injured players. I hope he doesn’t bite on Garrappolo.

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13 hours ago, jaxjag said:

LOL, I don't have to imagine because I am a fan of a dysfunctional team. Being a typical :banana:fan though I will never give up hope.

Hey if you guys are going to be dysfunctional you could at least be dysfunctional when the Colts come to town once in a while.  Also, to help with that the Colts will gladly trade you Sam for Lawerence straight up :)

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