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  1. Little OT, but I'm going to bail on this board folks. Lot of tremendous posters with football knowledge, but I just got a 2 paragraph warning for calling mcdaniel's, Josh mcdickhead. I've also seen threads suspended due to someone making an "offensive post." Seems suspending the poster would make more sense than suspending the topic, but this seems to be where we are with some platforms nowadays. Have a great season all, it's been fun. Go Colts!
  2. I thought I read a tweet claiming the ankle/tendon was about 90%. Can't speak on the validity of the tweet though.
  3. just an absolute weirdo. Tannenbaum's lack of wit proves, "it's who you know, not what you know."
  4. Great post, on to the next Denico Autry Mr. Ballard.
  5. "The heart wants, what the heart wants." I try not to question BB too often, but I feel like he's going to be leaving a mess when he's gone and I'm all for Josh McDaniels having to clean it.
  6. CB sitting back waiting for the clearance sale to start. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.
  7. I was thinking 2 years 15 total, but possibly somewhere in between is most likely IMO. I'd really like to see him end up in Arizona if he moves on, I like him in that offense behind hopkins with KM moving around and creating.
  8. A tight end that can stretch the field? Sign me up!! seriously though, I'd take Smith and Davis from them if possible. Make our problem theirs, and gain two really good blockers in the run game while they're at it.
  9. IMO, it's a rare season where you could short term an expensive dominant tackle and draft one form a deep class, keeping the money on the Oline down a bit. Colts have the short term cap space to pull this off. Some guys are day 1 starters, some aren't and I could understand the concern with not wanting to downgrade a ton from AC's play...especially in Wentz's first year here. You may also be right and they may just draft one, I wouldn't be totally opposed to this either. The idea is a little riskier, but definitely has merit.
  10. I know everyone has their different grades and boards, but I can not see this happening. I really like what i'm reading about the player and his attitude, but the position seems super deep for him to get plucked mid first. Mid 2nd IMO, although guessing is such a crap shoot.
  11. I can't for the life of me see TY signing anywhere for north of 10 million, maybe Houston just to save getting torched by him.
  12. I think you're going to be a happy camper in a few days, because I feel like that's exactly what's going to happen. That Philly media has no shame. I could see a scenario where someone takes a pick to absorb his cap hit, not really sure about his dead money...but it doesn't seem like the Eagles are really worried about dead money this season anyways. I'd prefer Jonnu Smith, Ertz or Rudolph in that order.
  13. Agree with all of that, the thing I really liked about the Wentz trade was just how much it would help in the PA/RPO aspects of the offense. I mean, I'd rather see a lightning fast west coast with a hammer in Taylor to wear teams down, but Carson is going to get his and it'd be nice to see TY benefit from it.
  14. Love the talent, hate his ankles. On a one year prove-it while drafting a big weapon, I wouldn't be opposed to them taking a shot. I realize Carson doesn't need a 1500 yard wideout to put up numbers and Brown could be an 800 yard 5-6 td guy, but I'd just as soon keep TY if the money and term is comparable.
  15. Why are you guys discussing former San Fran QB's and politics in a left tackle thread? Just start a thread and save the rest of us the grief maybe?
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