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Steelers @ Vikings, Thursday Night Football, 12/9/21


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1 minute ago, NFLfan said:


Claypool is pretty good. 


How long have you been an ND fan? I remember Carlyle Holiday. Does that name sound familiar? I remember Jeff Samarja (Spelling???)

I was born an ND fan :thmup:. Many many years. 

Yup, I remember both you mentioned. Loved the Shark (Jeff). 

Claypool is a freak. Good kid too. Comes from Canada, and was kind of an unknown coming into ND. 

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8 minutes ago, #12. said:


Burn more than a minute, at least.


For sure. 


TD but I hate when we score that fast. Use up clock!!!

7 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

They should not be able to pull hair. That is no different then a horse collar.


I agree. It does not seem any different.

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    • There were a bottom 2ish to start the season...  They lost to Wentz... and a bad WA team. They beat a bad team, Indy, who let their QB set a new career high again (now twice). Totally out coached.  They beat a highly ranked team, with a QB broken ribs lol... who only goes as a far as QB takes them.
    • I know it gets very old with a few around here. I have never said Matt Ryan is the GOAT. Some people in here are getting ridiculous and can't even be happy with a win.
    • Not really, you said that the Jaguars were a bottom 5 team, that is way wrong. They are 13th in the ESPN power rankings. You said we lost to the Texans, we tied which isn't a loss. How am I spinning things?
    • Smith is on skates immediately. Likely Ryan saw it, and didn't keep eyes down field.  Woods was open (early, not later), and Campbell wide open deeper. If Smith didn't go full skate, likely a big gain with Parris. 
    • Cherry picked, but OK.  No discussion blocking scheme? Play1 D knew exactly what was coming...  don't run vs load boxes... 8 on DL, and S shallow why no power/man blocking... instead zone block + pullx2... sorry, just stop cute/finesse. go power run blocking. Kelly got handled, pushed back. Kept from TE (2nd puller) going over.  Pryor and Nelson fine. Nelson great, but pushed like Kelly.  Overall, bad call. Bad block scheme. Bad Ryan Kelly... . Owens talking scheme and coaching... and don't expect "push" if not in power/man blocking Play2 D knew exactly what was coming 7 tight in box, shallow S. Middle was a D party. Slow play...  JT should have gone left LG/LT, or over LT, not C/RG hole. Pryor doing well.  Sure Mo shouldn't go low, but no any hole anyway, and 23 was going to clean up regardless and unaccounted for. And safety accounted in center position too...  Mo likely isn't to meant to create a LG/C hole... lol...  Too much cute again, and too slow..  Play3 bad left placement by Pryor. Great wide bend by Allen still likely 2.5+, still bad by Pryor Play4 Owen... nah... Nelson is committed, and so is Ryan It's neither's fault. (from a pure blocking perspective). Great stunt call vs protection call. That's D coach call > whoever called OL protection (Ryan Kelly?)... Play5 Another good stunt call But Raimann got beat twice in the same play... Had he got into the first guy, Nelson could have dropped to take the stunt. But Raimann lost first one, and then Nelson had to help. Then didn't peal off to take stunt.  Likely a call specifically vs rook Raimann.  Matt could have rolled right though. In game 1, when Raimann was in, Matt rolled right every time.  Play6 Yes, Pinter did his job. But his initial guy went Kelly's middle/ other-side quickly, regardless. He didn't need to help. Very different than other stunts. 
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