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Steelers @ Vikings, Thursday Night Football, 12/9/21


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1 minute ago, NFLfan said:


Claypool is pretty good. 


How long have you been an ND fan? I remember Carlyle Holiday. Does that name sound familiar? I remember Jeff Samarja (Spelling???)

I was born an ND fan :thmup:. Many many years. 

Yup, I remember both you mentioned. Loved the Shark (Jeff). 

Claypool is a freak. Good kid too. Comes from Canada, and was kind of an unknown coming into ND. 

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8 minutes ago, #12. said:


Burn more than a minute, at least.


For sure. 


TD but I hate when we score that fast. Use up clock!!!

7 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

They should not be able to pull hair. That is no different then a horse collar.


I agree. It does not seem any different.

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