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malcolm jenkins and chris long on Wentz

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20 minutes ago, Imgrandojji said:

Don't act like .500 is the worst case scenario.  Wentz was beyond bad last year.  He's got a ton of talent and played very well for several years but so did Jay Cutler. 


There's a certain arc that quarterbacks who are not natural leaders go through, where they either learn to fake it or the lack of that ability eventually holds them back..  Whether it's Carson Wentz, Drew Bledsoe or Jay Cutler, sooner or later these guys do have to adapt to what the position of QB requires in the NFL, and leadership is part of the package.

There were a lot of things that were beyond bad last year for the Eagles. Wentz was just part of it.


QBs come in all shapes and sizes, and demeanors. People have called out Rodger's personality before, but it doesn't matter because he performs. Eli Manning wasn't a natural leader, but he's got rings. Luck led more by example, but he was not the field general or leader like Manning. 


Wentz, almost the entire time in Philly had "stuff" to deal with. Even in his early years, he had the "Foles vs Wentz" narrative going on. In 2019, when Foles was gone, Wentz played well and there wasn't any buzz about his leadership. It wasn't an issue till 2020... As long as he performs, nobody will care if he's got a more quiet demeanor. Luck had an odd personality and nobody cared. We have enough leaders on the team already, so it's not like we have to have a natural leader personality at QB right now. We just need a guy that can perform, and not be * while doing it.

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