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  1. "Illegal formation, the whole right side of the offensive line was not on the line of scrimmage."
  2. Lewis is hurt/injured way too much so far. I root for him because he's a Colts' player, but if he can't stay on the field, we have to move on from him.
  3. Maybe.... but I still think he's a little slow to be an above average pass rusher, and at his college weight, he may be a little small to be an above average run defender. Maybe weight gain is leading to his injuries though? It seems like his injury last year was a foot injury and this year is a knee (both parts of the body which become more prone to injury if you're carrying too much weight).
  4. The Titans named Tannehill their starter this week, which seems to come as a surprise to many. Just a few years ago, the experts were saying between Watson, Mariota, Luck, and Bortles the AFC South would be one of the most competitive QB Rival divisions in the league for years to come. With Luck's injury, Bortles never panning out, and Mariota getting sent to the bench in favor of Tannehill, I guess they were wrong. IMO, it should just help us get wins against TEN, though... https://www.espn.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/28775/why-did-titans-qb-marcus-mariota-wind-up-on-the-bench
  5. Personally, I thought Lewis was a couple steps slow last year in terms of being an edge pass rusher. Could be due to the face he was coming off an injury and didn't really see his first action until ~1/2 through the year. Seemed to me like he was best suited to either play in running situations on the edge, or help push the pocket back in the middle on passing situations. Until he can show he can stay healthy, I have very little faith in him being a savior for this team, especially as a pass rusher. I think with the speed with have at LB (mainly Leonard, Okerere, and Speed), our best bet at helping Houston get to the QB is to have some schematic blitzes with some of the bigger guys we just picked up hopefully eating blockers to free up our LBs. Hopefully Banangu steps up sooner rather than later as well.
  6. I said "I don't remember many times when we could run at will last year..." The Cowboys game was kind of an anomaly last year, if you ask me. It was definitely a big game in setting a tone for who Ballard/Reich and others on the coaching staff and FO want us to be. Mack this year (through 5 games) has 25 attempts, 20 attempts, 16 attempts, 11 attempts, 29 attempts rushing... so 3 games in the first 5 with 20+ attempts. Last year, in the 12 games he played, his attempts per game were 10, 12, 19, 25, 12, 16, 15, 8, 14, 27(vs. Dallas), 12, and 25 --- in 12 games he only had 3 with more 20+ carries. We'll see how the rest of the season plays out, but as of now, it seems like we are much more committed to the run than we were last year. Hopefully Mack stays healthy, as he's a very good back... and if things continue to trend like they are, he's going to be getting a lot more miles on his legs this year than he did last year.
  7. Ya, Orlovsky is a bit of a stretch -- but I'd give him a better chance of compiling a .500 record on the NE team than I would give Cassel to compile a .500 or better record on the Colts team Orlovsky walked into. Collins actually was coming off a decent season and he got hurt very early in the year when he joined the Colts. I would have rather had him as a back-up than Cassel at that time, and there is still no way Collins was going to pull off a winning record with the team he inherited when Peyton couldn't play. I really think there are at least 1/2 dozen other QBs (Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Marino, Elway, Montana) who, if they played in the system Brady's in with Belichek for the same amount of time, would've accomplished similar or better things. If Matt Cassel could come in as a rookie (I was wrong before, he had ~30 pass attempts in 4 years in college -- but was mainly a backup), and lead that team to 11 wins, there had to have been at least 15 other QBs in the NFL that year who could've done it with that team. You're right, the Chiefs went to the playoffs with Cassel and he did go to a probowl, but that same year he was 19th or 20th in the league in passing yards, 14th QBR, and 26th in completion percentage --- the Chiefs took him to the playoffs, not the other way around.
  8. Brady also didn't start as a rookie, he had a year to develop behind Bledsoe who was a good QB... and he wasn't playing on the worst team in the NFL his first year in the league (Peyton was, which is why the Colts had the #1 pick). I don't think Cassel is much, if any better than Kerry Collins, Orvolsky, etc. who led the Colts to a 2-14 season without Peyton. Cassell came in and led NE to a 11-5 record after Brady got hurt year 1. Highly doubt Cassell could've come to Indy and took a Peyton-less team to 11 wins, but wouldn't see it out of the realm of possibility for 50% or more of the back-ups in the league going to NE the year Brady was hurt and having >0.500 record.
  9. I think Brady has played within and exceptional system the majority of his career (and sure, they may have been caught cheating, but I imagine every coach in the NFL is trying to do something every week to get a leg up on the opponent). My biggest argument on why I take Peyton over Brady is look what happened the year Peyton missed -- we went from being projected to win the AFC South, potential SB contenders, 10+ wins, etc... and we became the laughing stock of the league going 2-14. It exposed how bad our team really was without Peyton at the helm. When Brady missed significant time, Matt Cassell led them to 11 wins. Matt Cassel backed up Matt Barkley and ButtFumble Sanchez in college and never had a snap in a real game, yet could win double digits in NE. Cassel got paid like a #1 QB after that, and has had maybe 1 decent year and otherwise is a major disappointment and essentially a journeyman back-up QB -- yet, he could win very regularly in NE under Belichek. To me, that just says Peyton was a more valuable player to his team than Brady. It's evidenced by Peyton's regular season MVP awards. Unfortunately, I don't think Peyton ever had as good a team around him (including defense) as Brady has had since he's been a starter in the NFL. Also unfortunate, the problem on relying on one guy in the playoffs is that the playoffs usually require all 3 phases of a team to be playing pretty flawless once you're through the wildcard rounds. Brady always had a D he could count on, always had a run game, and has had a lot of very reliable WRs throughout his career. He rarely was asked to do as much for his team to get W's as Peyton was asked to do in Indy (or his first year in Denver). I think Belichek is the best coach in NFL history and at this point, I think it's almost hands down (I think the argument that he is the best is a far easier one to make than any individual QB, or really any individual player, considered the best all time). If Matt Cassel could win 11 games with Belichek, I'm pretty sure there are at least 15 QBs in the league who could post winning records with that system (Cassel is far inferior to guys like Peyton, Brees, Rodgers, Big Ben, Stafford, and a whole slew of other QBs who have played QB in this league). Brady is a clutch player and he plays in a very solid system on a very solid team year in and year out. That said, in their primes, I think a guy like Peyton could go to a 2-14 team and turn it around quicker than Brady could. It's impossible to say, but if Peyton played 20 years with Belichek, I'd have to think he'd have as much or more SBs than Brady -- whereas, I don't think Brady could elevate a team like Indy the same way Peyton did over the course of his career.
  10. Yea, I guess that's tough... just kinda feel like outside of a few exceptions (Nelson being one of them), it's harder to find elite guys at the OT position, and outside of some guys (like A. Donald), there's a lot more pass rush coming off the edges than up the middle (at least pass rush which the interior OL are responsible for). My thought process went like this: (1) an elite QB can keep you in most games and elevate the play of his team more than other positions, (2) we've all seen what happens with an elite/borderline elite QB who was getting crushed every time he stepped back -- so, IMO, two elite OTs can keep him upright if they've got good (not elite) players inside of them..
  11. I think Smith has definitely improved and the line seems a bit better as a unit. We're running some plays (e.g., outside runs) which we didn't really excel at last year and we're picking up yards. We're also run blocking (as a unit) better than we were last year (part of that may because we're just running a lot more, but I don't remember many times last year where we were able to just run for 4+ yards/carry when the other team knew what was coming and be so confident that we're gonna just 'take the will out of the opponent'). I think Nelson is playing a little more consistent and I think this is the best Costanzo has looked in at least a few years. Kelly's been playing very reliably and Smith has definitely improved. Glowinski, IMO, is the weak link -- but he's still not bad.
  12. It seems like he had a much better year last year. I don't know if he's lost weight, if other teams just have more film on him, or what exactly is going on -- it may be that he had a slightly better supporting cast last year (maybe a healthy Sheard and some more time with Houston will help Hunt improve over the year -- but I don't really know what exactly is going on with him... maybe it's just he wasn't that good to begin w/ and our D was so bad that he looked like an improvement last year and hasn't really progressed much this year?).
  13. We also have not really been fully healthy all year. Cain had training camp/preseason woes. Funchess went down week 1. TY's been dealing with nagging injuries and missed a game. We lost Fountain very early. I don't think he's been hurt, but Ebron's had his share of easy drops. Campbell missed last week w/ his abdominal issue and dealt with a hamstring most of preseason. Assuming we get healthy (obviously we won't get Fountain back, but we should have everyone else back within a few weeks), I have to think Reich is going to expand the offensive playbook a bit. His experience in the NFL largely came in Indy the year Luck sat out. That was a much worse team than the 2019 Indy Colts. He had a different coaching staff, less talented players around him (including but not limited to a very poor OL), and was in a totally different scheme. So while he has some NFL experience, he was still in a very different role last time he saw the field very regularly. Additionally, as I stated above, our skill positions have not been fully healthy all year and we have several guys people had high hopes for prior to the season who are still very young (mainly Campbell and Cain). I truly expect Reich/Sirriani to open the playbook a bit in the 2nd half of the season when our players are healthy and Brissett has more time to develop chemistry with them. Finally, Reich said before the season (even before Luck retired) that the goal was to be a top 5 rushing team in the NFL. We are currently 5th in the NFL in rushing yards per game (142). It is very clear that Reich wasn't kidding when he said that and we have put a large emphasis on running the ball, which plays an obvious role in reducing the amount of yards we gain through the air. Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the NFL. Earlier in his career (when he became the first QB in NFL History to make it to the playoffs in his first 5 seasons in the league), he had the strongest arm in the NFL. Ballard has said time and again (and not just about Kelly) that he understands kids making mistakes and is willing to give 2nd chances. Reich is also a good friend of Kelly's uncle, Jim Kelly whom Reich was teammates with for roughly a decade. Kelly had some maturity issues in college (which a lot of college kids have) and I get the impression that a lot of that was due to a feeling of entitlement being the nephew of a HOF NFL QB. When he was on the Broncos, he got in trouble for getting drunk and walking into the wrong house (not that I condone this, but a lot of 22-23 year old guys have done very similar things and it really isn't a huge deal, it was a drunken mistake -- I'd be a lot more worried if he was arrested for a violent crime or was dealing drugs or something). I'm sure Kelly understands he's on a tight leash, and I'm sure Reich/Ballard/Uncle Jim and many others have made that very clear to him. If he keeps himself clean and shows up to work everyday, I would really not be shocked to see Reich/Ballard gain trust in him...
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