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  1. I wouldn't really blame him. I don't think it's a great fit for him (or really any coach). They primarily ran a 3-4 on D last year and don't seem to have the pieces in place to run a 4-3/cover 2 like Flus has been running. A lot up in the air about Watson and upper mgmt in the Texans organization, etc. He did come here from DAL, so the only thing I can think is maybe his family wants to head back to TX. I was kind of thinking the same thing... though, if I recall correctly, he turned the initial interview down before we were eliminated from playoffs.
  2. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/cornerback/ I get what you're saying and tend to agree. There may be some cuts so the list in the link above may not be 100% complete... but we have a pretty good idea of who is available in FA (another factor is if any of those guys get franchise tagged). On the list above Xavier Rhodes, most of the guys are 29 or older (the exceptions being Mike Hilton 27, Michael Davis 26 and Mackensie Alexander 28). So, not exactly a lot of quality 'young' guys out there (as of now anyway). Several of the guys above Rhodes who are 29
  3. Yes, I'll have to give the presser an in depth listen. He never seems to think WR is a major position of concern. I do think Pittman is a good player. I think Campbell is a good player, though he has done absolutely nothing to show us as fans or Ballard and the coaching staff that he can stay healthy... Pascal's a solid 3-4 WR, IMO, but nothing more than that... D. Harris is definitely an intriguing guy (potentially as a slot WR or in a hybrid role, somewhat similar to Hines).. I like Dulin and think he can be OK as a 4-5 WR and he's also very solid on ST... I was not very impr
  4. That's a funny visual... they probably danced harder when we took Edge over Ricky Williams... and then when Edge won the NFL rushing title his first 2 years, slowed down a bit until Edge blew his knee out.
  5. From the Colts.com front page (admittedly, I haven't had time to watch the full presser): https://www.colts.com/news/chris-ballard-philip-rivers-ty-hilton-xavier-rhodes-2020-season-press-conference Ballard on Cornerback Xavier Rhodes: "Xavier had a heck of a year; really bought into what we are doing. I give (cornerbacks coach) Jonathan Gannon a lot of credit for that. He had a relationship with Xavier from Minnesota. Xavier worked and bought into everything we're doing. I think we will wait and see how it works out here in free agency, but we like Xavier." _____
  6. Yes, it's pretty clear something weird is going on with that organization. Poor Andre went from an organization known for wasting careers to Grigson's Colts.
  7. Luck was a mobile QB and played a lot under center. Brissett is a quasi-mobile QB and plays more under center than Rivers. Rivers is NOT a mobile QB and played a lot in shot gun with totally different run plays than either Luck or Brissett. Throw in multiple OL coaches. Kelly is a very good Center. The whole OL (including Q) looked different (worse) earlier in the year. They all came on strong later in the year. Maybe a QB change isn't a huge deal for a C.. but maybe the way the QBs line up and the way they are used, the way the running backs play, etc. adds in..
  8. NFL rules eased a lot of PS stuff up this year due to covid.
  9. TY, IMO, never really truly was a #1 (one may argue 2016 -- you can read my arguments earlier in this thread). I agree a true #1 (not discounting Pittman being the guy) would help dramatically. However, we'd need the right guy at QB to really make that work. Josh Allen has a cannon for an arm, and aside from Diggs the Bills also have Beasley, Gabriel Davis and John Brown... I could see our WR corps looking formidable to that if TY was in the slot like Beasley, then we had Pittman and another ace with Pascal or someone else as our #4 (IMO, John Brown is better than Pascal).... b
  10. He was hampered by a leg injury later that season and it was noticeable, especially in the playoffs when he was a non-factor. He did have a solid year yards wise, but his receptions (76) and TDs that year are really nowhere near where you'd expect a true #1 to be.
  11. Maybe, though I don't picture TY as that kind of guy. He and his family seem to like Indy and he's said he'd ideally retire a Colt. Unless some team offers him something absurd $ wise or he gets an offer to go to a team like TB/KC etc. (where his role would be even further diminished than here, but he'd have a better shot at a ring), I doubt he leaves. I'd like them all back, especially Rhodes who seemed to excel in our defensive scheme. Autry's solid but getting old and to me is not 'special' - in other words, I think he can be replaced probably with a rookie or someo
  12. I disagree very much here. Reggie had 27 receptions as a rookie and 49 in year two (2001 and 2002, respectively). Marvin had 109 receptions in 2001 and 143 in 2002. Marvin was being double teamed or triple teamed almost constantly those seasons and pass interference rules were way less strict then than they are now. His 143 reception season (an NFL record which stood for nearly 2 decades), was insane - he had an average (49 reception) Reggie and the other WRs on that team were Drew Haddad, Qadry Ismail, Troy Walters with TEs Joe Dean Davenport, Marcus Pollard, Mike
  13. He would have to be delusional to think any team is going to offer him #1 money. He had 56 receptions this season, second on the team behind Hines. He's noticeably declined from what he was in 2016. He'll likely be offered something around what a WR who can catch ~50 balls would get offered (maybe slightly more as he can add some value as a locker room guy). If any team is offering much more than that, that team should probably be looking for a new GM. I don't know if it matters if he feels slighted, as his other option will probably be to just retire now.
  14. I agree for the most part... with the exception of thinking the team had a 'fixation' on loyalty. They were bringing in kickers every week it seemed like, and AV was beating them out in practice. The guy who eventually replaced him (Chase McLaughlin) was waived by 4 other teams before he got to Indy. I genuinely think there was just a lack of a market for solid kickers last year... there's almost never a lack of a market for guys who could be solid #3 WRs.
  15. TY recently said his next contract will be his last. I tend to doubt he'll want a 1 year deal. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2891695-colts-ty-hilton-on-retirement-my-next-contract-will-be-it-for-me Maybe because he's been a good player for Indy for almost a decade, he's been very good to the city of Indianapolis, and is a team captain and well-respected leader by his teammates. Doesn't mean he has to be brought in on a huge contract or expected to be a #1 or #2 WR, but he could still be a productive member of the team on the field and off the field.
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