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  1. I voted Patmon and Dulin. My gut tells me they wouldn't have kept Patmon on the 53 but inactive all of last year if they weren't seeing something they could develop. We knew he was a development type player when he was drafted... with all the injuries we had last year, I think they would've sent him to the PS unless they were very concerned he'd be scooped up and we'd lose talent (they seemed to be fine bouncing guys like M. Johnson, Harris, etc. back and forth from the PS and those guys actually suited up on Sundays). Then, I voted 7 WRs (at least to start). Harris reminds me
  2. Walker was a 'good' player for us. He provided 'great' leadership as a late round draft pick. Like Ballard said, 'someday, that guy will be a coach'... his game speed was faster than his athleticism. EJ Speed is one of the best athletes on the team, his big knock was he was from a smaller school and was a WR before a LBer... he has had 3 years of NFL coaching... he'll be fine. Ballard is doing a great job of turning this team into the best athletic team in the NFL and replacing guys like Walker (albeit, I like Walker, great FB player, great person) with well-coach
  3. A few things: 1) Caldwell simply just inheriting Dungy's job - as a person I like Caldwell, but don't think he is a very good HC. He inherited a very good team and I think with a better coach that team could have gone 16-0 and potentially 19-0 (so I guess add Hank Baskett and Freeney's injury in this category as it would still have been cool to go 17-2 and won the SB over NO that year). 2) Grigson becoming GM. I like Ballard as a GM, and even though he was a first year GM coming here, he was more experienced and seems a lot more level-headed than Grigson. Who knows what wou
  4. Haven't heard much about Hooker's progress on rehabbing his injury... but so long as he clears a physical (and wants to play), I can't imagine him not being in the league this season. I just looked -- it appears as Daurice Fountain is currently a FA as well. I like Fountain, seems like a nice young man and it's a shame he had that ankle injury. I think we're probably too deep at WR (I'd still like to see us add one more stud, but we've got a lot of talented guys battling for the 5th and 6th WR spot among Patmon, Dulin, Harris, JJ Nelson already) for Fountain to make our team...
  5. Hughes really didn't do anything for us when he was here. He wasn't working out in the 3-4 system and like @SteelCityColthas already said, he was very unhappy here. In three years in Indy he had 51 tackles and 5 sacks and started just 7 total games. He wasn't made for the system we were playing and he didn't want to play here anyway. We got Kelvin Shepard in return who started 7 games (played in 15) and had 46 tackles the lone year here (basically equaling Hughes' 3 year output). Hughes has gone onto a nice career in Buffalo, by changing position to
  6. For 1, Patmon hasn't had a major injury (at least not yet) like Cain (knee tear) and Fountain (broken ankle) had early in their careers. For 2, Patmon has better size (6'4" 225 lbs.) compared to 6'2" 205-210 lbs for Cane and Fountain. JJ Nelson's best season was in 2016 when he had 34 catches for 568 yards. In 2017 he had his next best season with 29 catches for 508 yards. He's a speedy guy, but he was released in October 2019 by the Raiders and wasn't signed until August 2020 and he spent some time last year with the Bills practice squad. He's nothing to get excite
  7. To Ballard's credit his first draft was a very weird position. Ballard had Pagano as coach and the two of them had some very serious fundamental discrepancies about what constituted a winning football team - for example, Ballard clearly wants a 4-3 D and Pagano was a 3-4 guy. Pagano was raving about Hooker as the next Ed Reed (I still wonder if Ballard would have made that pick had he has Reich and Flus in the building instead of Chuck). To Hooker's credit, he was in the running for DROY and Pro Bowl until he got hurt his rookie year and he did look a bit better in the 3-4 than he has in th
  8. You said pretty matter-of-factly that AV was willing to sign a one year deal. We certainly don't know that. Obviously, as we get deeper into FA and the draft approaches (and soon passes), remaining FAs have a better idea of what teams value them at compared to what they initially thought they are worth. My guess is AV has either asked for more money or is seeking a longer deal than teams are willing to give him (or a combo of the two), as there is obviously a reason he hasn't been signed... As far as LT goes, I don't think it's certain that we don't have at least a league avera
  9. Well, AC did sign a 2 year deal and he hasn't really dealt with injuries the way he did last year throughout most of his career. Part of me thinks Ballard thought 2 years with AC meant two years - though I understand your stance as AC openly stated he was contemplating retirement before last season. I think Ballard is also very big on keeping the trenches solid. He's said that since day 1 and he took one of the worst OLs in the NFL and has turned it into one of, if not the best in the NFL in a relatively short time. One thing I really like about Ballard is that he looks multip
  10. I don't know where there are 'big ole fat holes' in the roster. Yes, losing AC stinks, but Ballard has gotten a few serviceable players in FA who will at least provide solid depth, if not be able to step in a be decent starters. This draft is pretty deep at OT and my guess is we'll see one added there (plus, I won't be shocked if Ballard and Co. are fairly high on Pinter and O'Donnell as developing players along with Tevi and Davenport from FA). A whole here, but Ballard's already addressed it to some extent and we have a long way to go before preseason even starts.
  11. Agree that he would likely have been cut last year - whether he would have wound up on our PS or getting picked up elsewhere, I don't know for sure. As we saw last year, the D 'Flus is running very rarely is a true 4-3 with 4 DL, 3 LBs, 4 DBs - instead, we're using 4 DL and more often 2 LBs with 5 DBs (or less often 1 LB and 6 DBs). My guess with Ballard not making much effort going after A-Walker is that we'll typically see Leonard and Okereke in 2 LB situations and that they've got confidence in Speed to use him in 3 LB situations. If not, Franklin (though he had t
  12. I think we have better depth now than we did last year, but a big IF at LT.. AC was one of the top 10 LT's in the NFL (probably top 6), and we don't know what's going on there yet -- I don't think we have improved from him in the starter position with any of the signings. I tend to agree that Q is a better G than T, though if there is any player on our team who I would not rule out to make a position move and excel at it, it'd be Q. My gut says, if Q sticks at LG and stays healthy, he's a perennial first-team all pro for 10-15 years and a first-ballo
  13. The good thing with Campbell is that his injuries are not really related to each other and he didn't have an injury history before he got here. A few freak things have happened, and it hasn't be ideal, but the knee injury he recently had is something that more and more athletes come back stronger from. Turay concerns me a bit more for 2 reasons - 1, he had an injury history before being drafted and 2, the injury he had to his ankle is a weird one - there were times last year when I thought he might be back early in the season, then as the season went on it became foggier and foggi
  14. JB did have a bad time to throw, wasn't mobile and barely got sacked -- you're correct. However, he was not good at extending plays and he was not good at going through his reads (those are pretty much facts with very few exceptions). Rivers did not have Ebron. I think there is a strong argument that Rivers didn't really have any 'dynamic TE' as well. He certainly didn't have any TE as dynamic as Gates, Ertz or Ebron. We know what we have in Doyle - a reliable TE who is a solid blocker, has very good hands and is a good short distance and possession type of TE (by no means 'd
  15. Yes, a very 'few occasions'. Your example is an outlier and far from normal, IMO. Luck regularly extended plays and excelled at it.
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