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  1. One of my favorite Ballard interviews was after the last draft. He said something like "You know you're doing it right when you have 10 or more guys from the cut from 75 to 53 going on and playing elsewhere."
  2. Ballard said from day 1 that he'd be spending the cap wisely in FA so that he could retain his core players after their rookie contracts. Not only does Ballard value good play on the field, but he loves to have leaders in the locker room -- Q and Maniac are tremendous leaders after just 2 seasons in the league. I doubt he lets either walk. Q is from Homdel, NJ (Jersey Shore Conference high school -- he played football and basketball at Red Bank Catholic HS -- see video of him benching 225 lbs 26 times while still in HS https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2070502-2014-notre-dame-recruit-quenton-nelson-out-benches-top-nfl-rookies). His aunt lived across the street from my parents until just a few months ago. He did go to ND, but he's a Jersey boy initially, and I believe his parents still live there along with his brothers. Ballard's kept us in good salary cap shape. Plus, the salary cap typically goes up every year. I highly doubt he's going to let either of these guys walk. They're too good of leaders and too good of football players to let go (if they stay healthy). As I noted earlier, Ballard's said since day 1 he wants to build this team primarily through drafting and retaining core players. Plus, both guys seem to really like being leaders of this team.
  3. I think he's closer to Very Good than Good. He inherited a very depleted roster with a very suspect OL (one which probably had something to do with Luck getting hurt because they couldn't protect him). We had a pretty porous defense. Ballard wasn't allowed to bring his own coaching staff along with him when he took the job (not only that, but Pagano and Ballard have fundamental differences in their philosophies and schemes they like). Luck retired somewhat out of the blue (the guy Ballard was building a team around, although, unlike Grigs, Ballard said from day 1 that he wanted a solid team that didn't have to rely on one player). Ballard's totally rebuilt this team (well just about) in a short time. He had a very odd circumstance in year 2 (McDaniels) and again in year 3 (Luck). We won a playoff game in year 2. We were in the race until the very end last year (potentially could have been a playoff team or AFC South champ with a backup QB if we didn't see the GOAT K cost us several games). He said from day 1 he was going to build our trenches. We now have a top 5 OL in the NFL and with the addition of Buckner, we should have a top 10 DL. He's been smart with the salary cap. He's drafted 2 guys who were all-pro in their first 2 years. Albeit, they're not all with us, but I'm pretty sure every draft pick he has had is still in the NFL somewhere (very rare for a 3 year span). He has us (assuming health) in a position where we should be contending to win the AFC South this year.... he did it by filling in some gaps on contracts which aren't killing our long-term salary cap or chances for success. He hasn't hit on everything, sure... but he's hit more than he's missed, which is something Grigs didn't do. We have a core of young talent to build around for the foreseeable future. We are in the best salary cap space of practically any team in the league, etc. etc. etc. I also like Ballard for being open to the fans, sure he doesn't let everything out of the bag, but he's been pretty consistent and straightforward since day 1 in doing what he says he's going to do.
  4. Wilson showed some very promising traits in 2018. I think Ballard really likes Wilson, but he did mention a few times that he's not concerned about Wilson's physical skills, but was wondering if he was having confidence issues. Just from listening to press conferences, I get the feeling that Ballard is hoping Wilson bounces back to his 2018 form and continues improving. Won't be shocked to see Wilson get cut, but don't think that's in the immediate plans. I don't know that our D truly has a CB1. I don't really recall our CBs really shadowing other teams' #1 WR, rather they play their side of the field in a cover 2 scheme. Anyway, Rock made significant progress as last year unfolded. I think he's going to continue improving. I am happy going into this season as a starter. I guess with his injury issues, I'm not too surprised that Geathers has not been brought back yet. However, he was a captain and Ballard seems to really like him. Anybody know if we've even been negotiating with him or if we're planning to let him walk?
  5. He seems like the prototypical type of guy Ballard wants on D. Bigger CB, seems to be a solid tackler, thrives in cover 2, etc.
  6. Several solid TEs in this draft will likely be available around pick 34. Cole Kmet - TE, Notre Dame is 6'6" 262 lbs with a 4.7 forty. He had 43 receptions last year. I've seen several mocks with us taking him. Thaddeus Moss -TE - LSU is 6'2" 250 lbs with a 4.65 forty. I was impressed with him in the college football playoffs. He's young and his dad in Randy Moss, so he should have a bit of an understanding of the NFL life -- he had 47 receptions last year. Adam Trautman - TE - Dayton is 6'5" 251 lbs with a 4.8 forty. He did well at Senior Bowl, and had 70 receptions last year, so he's very productive. Sounds like the 4.8 forty is turning some teams away from him, but I could see him being around in the 3rd round. There are a few more I also like -- https://walterfootball.com/draft2020TE.php
  7. I look at the bolded two ways... it could speak volumes about Kelly, or it could mean they just aren't impressed with QBs in this draft aside from who would have been selected prior to the 13th pick. I don't see Ballard as the type of guy who's going to draft a QB just to say he drafted a QB. If he and Reich and the scouts, etc. don't see a QB they like in the middle rounds of this year's draft, then we are probably not going to draft a QB if they feel like they can get a player at another position who can contribute to the team. This is from an interview on Colts.com: Dakich: The fans really wanted Chad Kelly to get a shot. Is Kelly in any type of future plans? Ballard: "Let me tell you this: he's got some natural playmaking to him. Here's my deal with Chad, because I heard the clamoring, too — my kids. I mean, they love Chad; they love Jacoby, and they love Chad. I mean, Chad had earned trust. I'm not talking about on the field — we had to trust him off the field. I mean, he had screwed up a few times to where, 'We're your last shot here, son. So you're we're gonna have some guidelines here about what you have to do, and you've gotta earn trust.' And first time we cut him, he had this look of, 'You're cutting me?' I'm like, 'Damn right I'm cuttin' you. And you're gonna go to the practice squad and you're gonna continue to work, you're gonna continue to do the things we're asking you to do.' Do I think he has a future in the league? Yes. Does he continue to have to earn trust each and every day? Yes." _____________________________________________________ I agree with you disagreeing with others who were begging for Kelly to get a starting shot. And yes, the coaches, GMs, etc. know what they're doing. TBH, doing it late last year had a couple of major downfalls: (1) We paid Jacoby starter money on a 2 year deal. We didn't know much about if he was going to be the starter next year (due in part to his nagging injury, other injuries across the board, uncertainty about all the options in FA/draft). It would really knock JB back and mess up team chemistry if we benched him/gave up on him and then brought him back as the starter next year.... and (2) I think Ballard and Reich really are serious about getting the trust of Chad Kelly and wanted to see if he'd be able to keep clean given adversity of being on the PS or a 3rd string backup. They want to see dedication from him. Bringing him up for a trial run and then demoting him isn't really a 'disciplinarian' thing to do.
  8. Inman's not currently on the roster. Though, I'd not be shocked to see us bring back him, Marcus Johnson or Rogers as we know they can be dependable players and both know our system. Current FA WRs of note who are still available are: Demaryius Thomas (IMO, he's washed up), Geronimo Allison (had 34 receptions for GB last year, but is 6'3" 205 lbs.), Rashard Higgins (had 39 receptions in 2018 w/ CLE and only played one game last year), Josh Gordon (doubt with his baggage that Ballard would consider him), Tavon Austin (a burner who for some reason fell off after leaving the Rams), and Demarcus Robinson (at 6'3" 205 lbs. he had 32 receptions last year on a loaded KC team -- Ballard has some familiarity with him from his time in KC). Of all those names, Robinson is really the only one who intrigues me. Wouldn't shock me if we could bring him in cheap.
  9. There are several QBs younger than Rivers set to become FAs next year. Mahommes and Watson will most definitely get franchise tagged. Andy Dalton (if he's not let go after they likely draft a QB w/ pick #1), Mitch Trubisky (he hasn't lived up to the expectation of the #2 pick, but maybe a coach like Reich could help him), then of course Jacoby and Rivers are set to be FAs (if Rivers plays well and looks like he's got another year or 2 in him, won't be shocked if we bring him back). Then you've got DeShone Kizer set to become a FA... it'll be interesting to see what Gruden does there... between Kizer, Mariotta, and Carr, I'd expect they'll wind up releasing or trading Carr (there were already a lot of rumors about Carr to the Colts this year). I hope we're not snagging someone off another team's practice squad with high expectations that he'll become our franchise QB (also, the only way to take a player from another team's practice squad is to put them on our active roster, we can't just take them and move them to our PS -- so with Rivers, Brissett, Kelly already in the mix, I doubt this is a viable option this year). I get the feeling that is who Kelly already is for us. Wouldn't mind seeing Kelly on the active roster this year (if he stays out of off-field trouble, I'd think someone else will take him from our PS if he has a good preseason) and stashing another QB on our practice squad to develop as a possible back-up.
  10. Ballard said sometime around last year's draft that he looks several years ahead when drafting and mentioned that he knew this upcoming class was loaded at WR. There are plenty of guys after the CeeDee Lambs and Jerry Jeudys in this class who will be able to turn in productive careers at WR. I would be shocked if we don't pick at least one with our top 3 picks. Also, Ballard knows if needed some of the guys still available in FA could come in cheap (Inman and Rogers were never spectacular for us, but the were serviceable and he has familiarity with Demarcus Robinson). D. Thomas, IMO, is washed up. Josh Gordon is the most talented of the bunch but highly doubt Ballard would take a chance on the character issues. We know Inman and Rogers can be serviceable, but not special. D. Robinson intrigues me the most -- not only b/c Ballard has familiarity with him, but because he's got good size (6'3" 205 lbs) and decent speed (4.59 forty). He's a little smaller than Funchess but 0.11 seconds faster in his 40. He also was stuck behind an elite group of WRs in KC. He's young and I be could be a pretty good WR if given the chance in the right scheme. I hope you're kidding.
  11. Good article here: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28959305/former-viking-cb-xavier-rhodes-sign-colts He was playing with groin and hamstring issues. And Zimmer had him shadowing the opposing #1 WR early in the year (sounds like a lot of man coverage). Later in the year, they started rotating him around. I expect we'll see a mix of formations on our D, but imagine we'll still see a bit of zone. I think the main issue Desir was let go is because his tackling was very poor last season. Ballard likes long DBs who can tackle. Rhodes can still do that. Even though he gave up a higher completion rate than Desir last year, he's a much more competent tackler.
  12. Maybe they were more concerned with the fact that Desir's tackling was abysmal (14% miss rate, that's way too high in the NFL especially in the D we run). That has little to do with the DL play.. coverage/completion percent/etc. rely on DL often because a pressured QB releases the ball faster (sometimes less accurately) and the DBs don't have to cover for as long.... missing 1 out of every 7 tackles is on the DB, though. Injuries or not, that's a poor rate. Xavier Rhodes had a very poor year last year, but if he can return to a shell of his former self, he should be an upgrade, or at worst, provide depth similar to Desir.
  13. Tell impressed me last year with his development and he was transitioning from S to CB. I expect he'll continue to improve as he's a heck of an athlete, has the size Ballard likes, and seems to be a motivated guy. Wilson had some very impressive moments in 2018 and seemed to have a set back last year. Ballard said he was going to talk to him about his confidence and desire, but I don't doubt his physical abilities one bit. I don't know if it was losing the vet (I think Mike Mitchell) who took him under his wing, or what... but I have a feeling the coaching staff is optimistic about Wilson. If you asked me in 2018, I would have said I thought he had all the talent to be a very solid outside CB. Moore, I like a lot, but think he's best suited to play in the slot. I don't think Ballard would've released Desir if he didn't think we had a solution on the current roster or if he's not planning on bringing someone in through draft or FA. Let's not forget, Desir was a journeyman before he came to Indy (a couple years being a healthy scratch w/ CLE and then to SEA as a practice squad guy). We've got a few other CBs currently who have similar resumes to what Desir had before he came here and did well in 2018. Ballard seems to have very specific traits he looks for in CBs. I think we're going to be OK (if we stay healthy, especially if our pass rush improves). In the scheme we run, I don't know that we need a Deion Sanders like freak-athlete to be an effective #1CB. Many say CB is one of the hardest positions to excel at as a rookie, and like you said Rock was thrown into the fire on a team w/ a below average pass rush (I mean, it seemed like after Turay went down, other teams weren't even scared of the threat of a pass rush, let alone an actual pass rush). An improved pass rush alone should drastically help all of our DBs out.
  14. If we were going to be relying on a guy that allowed >95 passer rating, 2/3 of balls thrown his way to be completed and missed 14% of his tackles as a starter, we're probably better off filling that hole. It's a minor one, at best.
  15. Henry was an absolute beast late last year and into the playoffs. No doubt about that. The reason I replied to you initially is because you said when Ebron went to IR that we were out of the playoff hunt, which we weren't, we were right there. It isn't uncommon in the NFL (or any sport) for teams to peak late in the season and also not really uncommon for teams who didn't have the best regular season to get hot late and go on runs in the post-season. I'm not disagreeing with you that it's also fair for players to be looking out for themselves in the cutthroat world of professional sports, nor am I disagreeing that we don't know the true severity of Ebron's injury. However, it does appear as though Ballard and others (TY seemingly one of them according to previous posts) thinking Ebron gave up on the team. As a veteran player on a very young team, and a guy coming off a pro-bowl and seemingly touted as a leader, if Ebron did in fact 'quit on the team' that's not the leadership Ballard or Reich (or probably TY and other vets) want around this organization. In week 12, when we were literally right in the playoff mix, there is no way to know if we could have started peaking had we made it through the playoffs. You alluded to the fact that Ebron hung it up because we were out of the playoff hunt, which is simply false. We had several games throughout the season where our OL just dominated the other DL and we were able to run at will (the win over Buffalo when we had 220ish yards on the ground against a top 10 D and the win against Jax when we had >260 yards on the ground are two that come to mind off the top of my head). There's no way of knowing if we could have made a splash *had* we made it into the playoffs, but if Ebron thought that in week 12 (when we were very much in the playoff race) that the team couldn't make a run in the playoffs after we already beat the eventual SB champion Chiefs.... and if that's the reason he stopped playing - that is a chicken * move and not really fair to the rest of his teammates who were going out and laying it on the line thru injuries every week.
  16. Desir did earn his contract. And yes, he was battling some injuries. That said, his missed tackle rate was almost 14%. How much of that was due to injuries? I don't know. Fact of the matter is the completion rate when throwing at him last year was >10% higher than it was in 2018. His missed tackle rate when from 3-4% to 13-14%, again a decline by >10%. Passer ratings against him went from ~85 to ~96, 10+ point decline. There isn't really much way of knowing if those declines in performance (which are major declines) were due solely to injuries or if his play truly declined. In every sport it isn't very uncommon to see players decline after getting a fat contract. In Desir's case, we, as fans don't know if it was solely due to injury or if his work ethic lessened after getting that contract. We don't know if he was a great teammate in the locker room, either. Brissett is commonly mentioned as being a leader and a guy who other players have a lot of respect for as a teammate. I don't ever recall Desir being called out in public as a good or bad locker room guy. Did they make the move to free up cap space to go after another FA? We don't know that yet. Regardless, Ballard seems to like physical DBs who can tackle. A >10% decline in tackling percentage may be a sign that Desir's play just declined or he wasn't playing up the standard of what he was paid for. I could see if passer ratings went up against him if he was a tad slower, but the major decline in his tackling ability doesn't seem to make as much sense. I don't know why he was let go, there could be behind the scenes stuff none of us know about. Not for nothing, but a losing a guy who was allowing QB ratings >95, with almost 2/3 of the balls thrown his way being completed and missing ~14% of his tackles doesn't seem like a major loss to me.
  17. Buckner's missed 1 game in his career. He just turned 26 last week. He's coming off a two consecutive years where he played very well (a probowl one year, 2nd team all-pro the other). The 3T IDL spot is arguably the most important on this defense and we had a glaring weakness there (assuming Turay and Houston stay healthy and Bagonu continues developing, our edges were more sound than our interior). In 4 seasons he's had 28.5 sacks, compared to Clowney's 32 sacks in 6 seasons (consider Buckner is an IDL and Clowney's an edge guy - that's 7.125 sacks per year for Buckner to 5.3 sacks per year from Clowney). Buckner was voted by his teammates as team MVP last season. He's considered by many to be a top 3 player at his position (behind Aaron Donald and maybe Chris Jones). Clowney's slightly over a year older with 2 more years in the NFL. He's 4 years removed from being a 2nd team all-pro (Buckner was one last year). He missed 3+ games last year and his numbers were down from his previous two years aside from missing those games. He also had injury concerns early in his career. He's considered by very few to be top 5 at his position at this point in his career. Sheard is still on the market. Clowney's really not done much as a pass rusher in the NFL. Just last season, in the same amount of games (13) Jabaal Sheard racked up 4.5 sacks along with 45 tackles (25 solo, 20 assists). Clowney had 3 sacks and 31 total tackles (21 solo, 10 assists). I think Clowney's a better player than Sheard, but where Sheard excels is against the run, much like Clowney (with Clowney being better). That said, we could get Sheard for a lot cheaper if needed and still get a quality player. At IDL, there simply were not a lot of high quality players available in FA or on the trading block. IMO, Clowney's still riding the fact that he was a number 1 overall pick and the fact that he's got a household name. In terms of producing on the field, Buckner's been much more productive over the past 2 years than Clowney has, and he fits a need at arguably the most important spot on our defense. Those are just some of the reasons why we'd pay Bucker $21 mil and want Clowney to accept less.
  18. I agree with the bolded. Nothing we can do about it now. That said, if we got into the playoffs (honestly, I think we kind of lucked our way out of the playoffs last year by losing several very close winnable games, 3 or 4 of which were on Vinny and the Bucs loss potentially on McLaughlin)... who knows what would've happened? The Titans got in as a 6 seed and came darn close to making it to the Superbowl -- they did that by running the football, something we were very good at for most of last year.
  19. So that'd be Clowney, Stewart, Buckner, Houston as starters? Or Autry over Stewart? Desir, IMO, overachieved his first year here. I know he was battling some injuries last year, but his play definitely slipped. In 2018, he allowed a 54.2% completion percent and an 85.6 passer rating against him along with a 3.7% missed tackle percentage. In 2019, he allowed 64.9% completion percent, a 96.5 passer rating against him and missed 13.8% of his tackles. His play didn't slightly decline, it majorly declined in just about every aspect (the only positive was he had 3 picks last year compared to 1 in 2018, he also broke up 11 passes which was more than 8 the year before, every other metric associated with his performance declined -- and sometimes interceptions and passes defended are tricky stats because it could just be an indicator that teams weren't afraid to throw at him). He got a hefty contract after a solid 2018 season. Injured or not, he certainly didn't live up to it last year. My guess is Ballard is going to try to address this position to some extent, and he probably feels comfortable with the guys we have on the current roster. I don't think it was a terrible decision to release Desir, though.
  20. I understand your logic with Ebron wanting to get a head start on next season.... however, the playoffs were not out of reach when he stopped playing. He played 11 games and sat out 5. In week 11 we were 3rd seed in the AFC at 6-4 after Sunday's games. KC won Monday night which knocked us to the 4th seed, but first in the AFC South. We lost week 12 to HOU which moved us to 6-5 and them to 7-4, making them the 1 seed in the AFC South and putting us at the 8th seed with this same record as the 6th seed Steelers, 7th seed Raiders, and 9th Titans. We were still very much in the playoff hunt at that point in time, which is when Ebron shut it down. I know this is a business, and players want to get paid, take care of themselves, etc... but Ballard and Reich often preach wanting a locker room full of team players and guys who are willing to go into battle with their teammates. They also want players to be leaders, especially veterans. Look at a guy like TY who played through obvious pain and was blaming losses on himself for not playing better. Then look at a guy like Ebron who decided he couldn't go anymore. Not totally faulting Ebron, but the chemistry Ballard and Reich are trying to build requires guys to be more like TY and much less like Ebron. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a clip of Ballard when asked about Ebron. There was another presser which I can't find where he elaborated a bit more and not in the exact words 'he quit on the team' pretty much got that point across.
  21. I could be wrong, but I don't think that Ballard's ready to quit on Q. Wilson just quite yet. I do think we need to add a bit of depth at the CB spot, but I think we're going to be a lot better wtih an improved DL. A lot of assumptions to make... but, if Turay stays healthy and Ben B. continues improving, I think our DL is going to be pretty good with the addition of Buckner. Yea, we thought Cain was going to be something very special. Injuries stink. I like Fountain, but Ballard isn't going to say "I thought this guy was a 5th round pick that is going to perform like fans expect a 5th a round pick to perform like." Of course, he and any other GM are going to tell the fans to expect something positive from him. He is coming off a pretty nasty injury and hasn't really done anything other than show some glimpses of hope in pre-season games. I'll believe he's more than a 5th WR when I see it.
  22. I think DeMarcus Robinson could be similar to Funchess, he's a little smaller at 6'1" 205 lbs... but he's also a little faster and more athletic. He only had 32 receptions last year, but he was also in a stacked offense in KC which limited his reps. Also, many sources are claiming Sammy Watkins is going to get let go. IMO, he'd be a big upgrade over Funchess and also has pretty good size at 6'1" 211 lbs and is a lot faster than Funchess.
  23. Yes, I don't think QB is no longer a concern/consideration... but if he stays healthy, Rivers is our fix for this year. I am more optimistic that we'll see improvements from Ya-Sin and Tell, and that we'll still get solid play from Moore II. I also don't think Ballard/Reich have given up on Q. Wilson quite yet. Sounded last year like Reich thought his problems were more lack of confidence than lack of talent. We surely need depth at CB, but in terms of starting talent (assuming good health), I like our CB position over the WR position. Though, with improved QB play, maybe Reich is confident he can scheme some of our guys open and this group can perform similar to 2018.
  24. This is from Irsay on the front page: "I know Colts fans are excited, I know everyone questions, 'Should we have traded the 13th pick? Is Philip Rivers, is that really the guy?' You don't know. I mean, you don't know what's gonna happen. … (But) we're just so much better now, Colts fans. … I told Chris Ballard, I said, 'Look, the best thing we do is you draft great young players, and Frank Reich the coach loves to coach young players, and he's not afraid of that.' So some of this, on the Buckner thing you could say it's a little contrarian to our principles — it is, but (it's) not … It's just the bottom line is that when you look at it, it's just something that we're so much better and we still have seven picks, including 34 and 44, and so there's other trades that Chris and I and Coach (Reich) have locked down under the hood over, and sometimes I have to say if it gets super radical — 'cause we had a super radical thing going down — and Chris and I and Frank really huddled hard, and we always come out 3-0. We do. We support each other, and I support them. But sometimes — sometimes, as Bill Tobin once said — owners own." I don't know what the bolded actually means, but I take it as there's a good shot we'll see other trades this offseason or on draft day. I don't know if it would mean we'd give up those picks to move higher, or we'd dump them to gather more picks later in the draft. Doyle also made the probowl last year (though I'm not sure he deserved to). That said, when Reich talks about Rivers, he talks about a QB who can get the ball down the field. Doyle is a short yardage/possession type of TE who is a very solid blocker. He's not a guy who is really known to stretch the field. I will be very shocked if they don't get a TE who is more of a receiving threat and who can spread the field to compliment Doyle before next season starts. I think we'll certainly see Hines' role in the offense increase as he continues to develop. That said, just because Rivers didn't use a TE that often last year, doesn't mean Reich won't. The year he was OC in San Diego, Antonio Gates had 69 receptions and 12 TDs. That same season (2014-15) Ladarius Green was used very heavily as a blocking TE. In 2016-17, when Reich was with the Eagles, he had Zach Ertz and Brent Celek. Ertz had 78 receptions. Celek played in every game and had 14 receptions, being primarily used as a blocking TE. In 2017-18, again with the Eagles, Ertz had 74 receptions. Celek had 13 receptions and again was primarily used as a blocker. In 2018-19, Ebron had 66 receptions. With Doyle hurt, Hewitt and MAC were primarily used to help block with minimal impact on the passing game. In 2019-20, Ebron (and the Colts passing game) had a down year with 31 receptions (while missing quite a bit of time), while Doyle had 43 receptions and also spent a lot of time blocking (Ebron had slightly more receptions than Doyle when he got hurt). Anyway, just because Rivers didn't use a TE very often last year, doesn't mean that TE is not a vital part of a Reich-lead offense. Every time he's been an OC or a head coach, the TE position has played a major role in the offense, typically with one guy being a dominant receiver and another being more of a blocker. I doubt that he's going to change his philosophy. Granted, Reich's gotten lucky with some very good receiving/athletic TEs (Gates, Ertz and Ebron his first year). I like Doyle, he's been a great Colt... but he doesn't fit that athletic/spread the offense type of TE which Reich has had everywhere else he's been and up until Ebron got hurt last year.
  25. He did run a 4.4 forty coming out of college. His mother was killed in a car accident when he was a freshman at Toledo and he became the legal guardian of his younger brother. He was granted a waiver so he didn't have to lose eligibility to finish college career at U. South Florida. He had 67 receptions for 822 yards as a senior which is fairly productive. He's also got good size at 6'1" 190 lbs. Who knows... he didn't really do anything as a rookie in Minnesota, but Ballard and Co. must like something about him.. they signed him briefly in 2018 and then reinstated him in 2020.
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