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  1. He's pretty level-headed. Sounded like he was pretty upset on the way home but has gotten over it. Explained why he had D. Adams run the route he did on 3rd down late in the game.... he remembers pretty much every play it seems like, it was pretty impressive. He said he talked with Marquez VS after the game and let him know things happen, that if he didn't make the big catch on 3rd down on their last drive or the PI he drew at the end of the 1st half that the Packers wouldn't have been in overtime to begin with. Also said he looks at MVS' production over his first 3 seasons an
  2. Yes, I think because of his knack for interceptions teams mostly avoided him after his rookie year, which (I think) is why his int numbers went down. And yes, even 5-7 years ago, I'd say it'd be unlikely for an athlete like him (relying on speed, quickness, burst, jumping ability, etc.) to come back and compete at a top-notch level. Hopefully with the rapid advancements in technology and new treatment methods, he can come back to the same form he was in prior. Then again, who knows, I think his rookie deal was a fully guaranteed $12.29 million - maybe he'll decide he doesn't feel
  3. That is true. He has said he'd like to remain a Colt (but of course, why would he say otherwise when still under contract). It may be beneficial to us that he was hurt as he probably won't be the one setting his market price (i.e., it's not like he's coming off an all-pro year and can demand top $, he's going to have to sign a relatively short term deal with minimal guarantees and more incentive-based). TBH, if he left Indy, I tend to think his most likely destination would be Chicago to reunite w/ Pagano.
  4. Titans‐ W Texans- W Raiders- L Texans- L Steelers- W Jaguars- W Putting us at 11-5... I have the Titans doing this: Colts - L Browns - L Jags - W Lions - W Packers - L Texans - W Putting them at 10-6. AFC South Champs! Playing CLE in the wildcard and redeeming our loss. Going to Pitt and winning, going to Buffalo and losing.
  5. Pagano was calling Hooker the next Ed Reed. He fit really well in Pagano's 3-4 D as a centerfielder. I believe he was leading the NFL in interceptions before he got hurt as a rookie and was on pace to be a serious contender for DROY and pro-bowl. He got his first start in week 2 and had interceptions in week 2, 3, and 4 as a rookie. He got hurt for the season in week 7. He hasn't been bad when he's on the field. He's showed flashes of excellence and mostly he's been a solid player, when he is on the field. That has been his biggest issue is staying healthy, IMO. Aside from t
  6. OK, got it... and yea, I think it's fair. However, I think some of that is related to defensive rest. For example, look at the play by play from IND-BAL: https://www.espn.com/nfl/playbyplay?gameId=401220189 They opened the 2nd half with a 4 min drive, we forced a fumble. We then threw an INT on the first play after getting the ball back. After they turned the ball over (and it was deep in our territory, we gave it right back to them - 7 seconds ran off the clock). Our D had to be exhausted after just having that drive, getting some momentum with a FF and then seeing
  7. Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. Maybe you should read the whole sentence.
  8. JB is very effective on QB sneaks. Our 3rd/4th and short play calling has been predictable many times this season. It definitely did seem like brining JB into the game in those situations kept GB at check a bit. In the offseason, Frank said he'd have ~6 plays per game where JB would come in. After the play against Jax, I was hoping that we'd not see JB at all.. but yesterday, he was used very effectively and I do think that QB sneak gave our team a big boost like you mentioned.
  9. The offense digs itself its own hole fairly often. Our D recovered a fumble on the opening drive by GB which gave our offense the ball at our 40. We fumbled it right back. Then when our D got an INT, inside their territory, our O got 3 yards and missed a FG to give it back to GB. Then we threw an interception the first play of the next drive which gave them the ball inside of our 30. It doesn't help our D at all when they get a turnover and we give it right back to GB. One, it gives GB good field position, and 2 it gives our D no time to rest.
  10. Certainly not the prettiest win, but a heckuva win versus a team who came into the game 7-2 (best record in NFC) with the NFL's top QB this year. Especially important with the Titans beating the Ravens in OT in the early game. Makes this upcoming game vs. Titans very important, with the winner being in sole control of the AFC South. It was nice to see the team stay poised, Rivers play smart football, and get a come from behind win, for sure... that said, self-inflicted wounds (an INT, a fumble, a missed FG, and penalties) came close to costing the Colts a win yesterday. At the end of the d
  11. Rodgers called him 'possibly the best middle linebacker in the game.' https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/aaron-rodgers-calls-fred-warner-possibly-best-nfl-middle-linebacker Rodgers said this before the game and then after the game he was heard telling Warner he should be an all-pro during handshakes. The 9ers crushed the Packers in the regular season and in the playoffs last year. In a 37-8 victory in regular season, Warner had 11 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss and a QB hit. Warner is a very good LB, this year he is the best middle LB in pass coverage in the league and he has ha
  12. A week or so ago, @EastStreet posted PFF grades from 2019 vs. this year for our OL. I believe everyone of them is down this year compared to last year with the exception of Glow. Nelson, IIRC, was >91 last year. Rivers is the least sacked full-time starting QB in the NFL. I think the only QB who has started the majority of the season who has been sacked <10 times. He's liking this OL a lot better than what he had last year, I can almost guarantee you that. I agree, Reich's definitely scheming for shorter routes. I think part of this is bec
  13. We could easily be 9-0 if not for 2-3 very bad plays or decisions in our lost games. That is a good sign, we can play with everybody, IMO. However, it's pretty common for games in the NFL to be decided by just a handful of plays. Very few teams can have turnovers or turnovers on downs which result in the other team scoring multiple times in 1 game and expect to win. So while I'm pleased that so far we have shown we can play with anyone, what I'm more concerned about it that several of our turnovers have just been boneheaded decisions (either by Rivers throwing a bad INT or by Re
  14. That is kind of my thought on Speed. Small school guy, with great physical traits just like Grover. We'll see what Walker asks for come FA, but I won't be shocked if we see him elsewhere next year and see Speed on the field a lot more often. From this article: https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/07/02/indianapolis-colts-news-ej-speed-working-ground-up/ " Linebackers coach Dave Borgonzi told Colts.com that the team is essentially building Speed from scratch. “Yeah, E.J. is an interesting guy because physically you’re not going to find a guy that’s bet
  15. In Mack's rookie year he had 93 carries for 358 yards, a 3.8 average per run with a long run of 35 and 3 TDs. He also had 21 receptions for 225 yards, a 10.7 average per catch, a long of 34 yards and 1 TD. He also had 1 fumble. This was spread across 14 games. Frank Gore was our bell cow and Mack was the change of pace back. Taylor's rookie year, through 9 games, he had 113 carries for 428 yards with a 3.8 ypc, 4 TDs and a long of 22 yards. He has 22 receptions for 203 yards, for a 9.2 average per catch and a long of 35 yrads with 0 TDs yet. He also has one fumble.
  16. Not totally sure that height of the RB is the key here. I think all these guys are very quick, good in open space, have good hands and run good routes for RBs. Quickness and shortness may have some correlation, but Rivers is doing well getting the ball to Taylor out of the backfield as well and think he would have been just fine getting Mack involved in passing game. Taylor has had several nice plays (he didn't have a preseason like Mack did). Some of them have been on screen passes, some have been runs. I do think he's got to let things open up a bit and work on hi
  17. Yes. What is bizarre to me is that Wilson seemed to really do much better with Mike Mitchell around to mentor him. It seemed like he had some maturity/mental issues moreso than issues with his physical skills and needed a 'big brother' in the room to help guide him. TJ Green was drafted by Grigson. He's still in the league (on the Falcons practice squad). He was definitely a project pick who only had minimal experience as a DB after mainly being a WR for most of his previous football life. In his case, I think his athletic skills were definitely there but I don't know about t
  18. When Ballard drafted him, he was very upfront in saying it may take him a few years to develop and wanted to trust our coaches to develop him. https://www.colts.com/news/top-10-quotes-colts-wrap-up-2017-nfl-draft-18809884 "Grover (Stewart) is a big man with strength, good initial quickness and he can run. He's got a unique trait.... something unique and now we turn it over to our coaches and let them bring their talent to light." — Ballard, on the risk/reward of taking chances on players in the final day of the draft. For sure Buckner is helping him.. but he
  19. I don't have a PFF account, so don't think I can get access to see if they break down grades on pass vs. run protection. However, watching the tape from Baldy's Breakdown against the Ravens there were several plays there where the OL did not look very good in pass pro. A few plays in that clip are plays in there where it seemed like Q was making last year that he was getting beat on.
  20. Thanks for digging this up and putting together, @EastStreet! Looks like Blankenship only has 1 KO this year and Sanchez has 47. Sanchez is barely above 50%, I'm thinking you meant to put the KO stats under his name. I don't think that's a terrible thing though, as teams are only averaging 21.2 yards per return on his kickoffs. I am not sure, but I tend to think the coaches trust the ST unit we have enough to have Sanchez kick to allow teams to attempt to return. I don't recall many (any) of his kicks being caught more than 4 yards out of the end zone, so with a 21.2 y/return
  21. Wilkins was benched his rookie year due to his fumbling issues. JT has fumbled 1x in 8 games and it was against the D in the NFL who is the best at forcing fumbles. Really not too worried about JT's ball security. It does seem at times that he's still learning how to hold onto the ball very tightly and it may effect him for a split second with his vision, etc.. but I'm still not worried about him. I think our biggest problem in the run game has mainly been predictable play calling in many situations.
  22. I do not agree here. We know Brissett is capable of keeping us in games and potentially winning some games if he's called on. None of us have really seen Eason in practice or have any idea how ready he'd be if thrown into a real game scenario. Our D has shown they can keep us in games. Our offense at times has looked very efficient and aside from a few key mistakes this team could very easily be 8-0, 7-1, or 6-2 (i.e., I think we have beaten ourselves every game we've lost - we have not been blown out or outmatched for an entire game so far this year). Our O needs to stay hea
  23. There definitely has been some questionable play calling... but I highly doubt any other coach in the league would turn this into an 'elite' offense given the amount of injuries we've had. Simply, we don't have many elite players in the skill positions on offense and those who are higher end players have been hurt or injured at some (or multiple) points this season. We're young at at the skill positions after TY and Doyle and we're working with a new QB in a year with a highly reduced off-season and no preseason games. While every team had to deal w/ a short offseason and no preseason game
  24. We had several deep pass attempts. It was very clear Rivers and his WRs were not on the same page yesterday. Johnson had a step on 2 DBs in the middle of the field on one pass and Rivers put plenty of arm under it, Johnson broke to his right and the ball went to his left. Rivers looked at Johnson after the play like he was expecting him to turn left. There was nothing wrong with Rivers' arm strength on that play, it was miscommunication and the way Rivers' body language read was like Johnson didn't run to where he was supposed. He had another fairly deep ball where he and Pittman weren't
  25. Other than the INT which he underthrew to Johnson, I thought he had a lot of zip on many of his passes yesterday. I don't think we'd be any better off with Jacoby at this point and highly doubt the fact that Rivers is starting over Jacoby is doing anything to divide the locker room.
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