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He's not going to be there at 34. I wish y'all would stop tooting that horn

Every single possible QB will be #linkedtothecolts

Many said things like "he's a second or third round talent", and "he's a system guy"...   About Mahomes.  Not saying Love is Mahomes, but they said the same exact things about him. If I had

On 3/2/2020 at 9:57 AM, richard pallo said:

You wouldn't think so but isn't Marone calling the shots now?  He traded Ramsey so I think anything is possible with that franchise. 


The problem is the Jags are firm in wanting a first round pick and according to the sports radio guys here in Jax (And they're the official Jags radio station and even call the games) they were told they want MORE than a #1. They believe that they could get what the Seahawks got for Clark, 2 #1 picks..

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