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Colts rumors are pretty much non existent until you receive a notification on your phone that the Colts signed someone you had no idea they were looking at. 

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On 3/2/2020 at 9:57 AM, richard pallo said:

You wouldn't think so but isn't Marone calling the shots now?  He traded Ramsey so I think anything is possible with that franchise. 


The problem is the Jags are firm in wanting a first round pick and according to the sports radio guys here in Jax (And they're the official Jags radio station and even call the games) they were told they want MORE than a #1. They believe that they could get what the Seahawks got for Clark, 2 #1 picks..

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    • Nothing like throwing at the wall and seeing what sticks mentality!  I too question the many 2nd-3rd rd projects as I believe this far up in the draft should be more proven commodity than projects.  I'm not questioning Ballard and Staff but like you this isn't passing the eye test.  Let's hope these early rd picks squashes our eye test!
    • PFF hasn't always proved to be reliable. Just my experience the past 3 - 4 years.
    • There were several that ate that soup, and asked for seconds lol...     I'm actually OK with Banogu, but I just don't like the fact that we've taken like 4 2nd and 3rd round DEs in the past 3 years (prior to 2020) and still had to go sign Houston. That's a lot of draft capital. Hoping Turay works out. Banogu is a total project.    And I really like Blackmon. I think he'll end up as the SS though. Given the system he came from, and watching the film, I just don't see the range require for FS. I certainly could be wrong. I think he'll end up displacing Willis for at least passing downs.   But yes, time....  
    • NONE of us ate the JB soup that was force fed to us by the staff but their actions of signing Rivers says they were wrong.  I cant argue with Ballards tendency to project as this is the most valuable trait known to a SCOUT but they will indeed overshoot more than hit.  Banugo looks like an airball and I think Ballard went for the homerun with Blackmon but only time will tell.
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