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Former Colts LB Thornton retires


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That is funny because Polian freely admits that using the plug and chug mindset was wrong when it came to Thornton. He freely admitted that he should have never let Thornton go.

Polian has admitted he wanted to retain Thornton and I remember after a game with the Titans someone called in an asked who was the best LB on the field to which he replied Thornton (who was then with the Titans).

But Thornton was not signed because the Colts dropped the ball, the NFL mis-applied some bonus money on Manning and Harrison's contract. Because of that it showed the top 51 for the Colts were over the salary cap so they could not sign anyone. By the time the Colts got everything straightened out and the proper amount was applied towards the cap, the Colts had cap room but Thornton had already signed with the Titans.

Thornton was a very good football player. He was missed when he left the Colts and he gave the Titans 3 very good years and 1 good year.

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