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  1. These splash plays are what matter in the defense. Regardless of position, if you can cause that many turnovers, you deserve to get paid.
  2. Because this year's draft class sucks in terms of pass rushers.
  3. Because this year's draft class sucks in terms of pass rushers.
  4. For once, the IndyStar had a worthwhile article on this today. The gist of it being... they've tried to fix the interior of the line through cheaper means. Six... SIX starting centers since Luck has been on board. That's a lot of futility and instability in the region that Luck is getting most of the pressure. At some point, you can't keep monkeying around in such a critical area. Like someone said earlier, no one would be complaining today if we took Travis Frederick in 1st round several years ago. And Kelly is about as sure thing as there is in this draft.
  5. Maybe Grigson might finally decide to focus on O line in the next preseason?
  6. For being a former offensive lineman, Grigson is terrible at evaluating O-Line talent. Never was known for it in Philadelphia... never will be known for it here. It's all about the offensive skills players with Grigson. That, he understands.
  7. We're just trying to give you some encouragement. Gotta, you know... boost the self esteem. Multiple studies show that it increases future performance.
  8. No, like Brady and 4 games suspended. I hate to sound like a broken record, but really, Brady has no one but blame but himself.
  9. Or, Brady shouldn't have put himself in that type of situation in the first place? Really... If you don't want to be caught with your pants down, don't drop the trousers in the first place.... It's as common sense as anything else.
  10. Or, maybe if Brady didn't cheat in the first place, this all would have been irrelevant. That's kind of the bottom line. The rest of your post is essentially just deplacing blame. It's what my 5 year old does when I catch him in the cookie jar.
  11. Well, considering it was institutionalized Pats cheating, involving at least 3 people, as opposed to one pitcher, you do the math. And as noted above, do we also not say the punishment was severe enough, as Brady wasn't removed from the game when the cheating was discovered? Seriously, if you're going to try to justify your team cheating, pick a better article... And actually read it next time.
  12. I think it's a bit more than that. Let's just skim past how much the underinflation really helped the Pats or not. I think it really did, but that's less important for this discussion. For this discussion, let's even ignore the fact that Brady has been lying to the league about it.This wasn't just a matter of "Whoops, we just slightly underinflated the balls. My bad!". This was a premeditated and concerted effort to circumvent the rules. Remember, you had the Pats lackeys stealing away with the balls, running to some hidden corner, then intentionally deflating the balls and decieving the officials at hand. It *clearly* wasn't something that would have happened by accident. The level of planning and premeditation involved in the act showed a clear and blatant disregard for the rules. This wasn't just a simple "Whoops!". They clearly put a lot of effort into this. Similar to how a premeditated murder is far worse in the court's view them a simple manslaughter, the amount of planning and intent makes the crime worse. For that reason, it wouldn't be the NFL equivalent of a " misdemeanor"... it would be a "felony", and I think the punishment is very appropriate.
  13. Bravo. And that's really the point. When did the world get to the point that fully grown up men can't be accountable for their own actions? Seriously. Stop the deflections. Stop blaming other people and other teams. The Patriots did bring this on themselves, and they have no one else to blame. At least if they stopped making excuses and said, "Yes, we did it. We made a mistake. We'll accept the punishment", I could respect them for being grown up adults.
  14. Moral of the story: Don't cheat, then you wouldn't have to worry about it.
  15. Yeah, you guys keep saying that, but everyone knows it's not true. Check your own team forum boards.... Even Pats fans are coming around to the reality that these SB's are forever tainted, and that these current era Pats will always be viewed as cheaters. Those Pats championships will ALWAYS be mentioned in the same breath as Spygate, Deflategate, Two 1st round draft picks, Brady suspended by the league for cheating. Unfortuately, that's reality. If Brady didn't think so, he would have just admitted the wrong doing in the first place. He knew his legacy was in major jeopardy. And really, if it doesn't matter, why do you guys spend so much time trying to change our minds on the issue? Seriously.
  16. Hmmmm... How is that disingenous? A scientist with documented ties to Kraft? On most planets, that sounds like a conflict of interest.Actually, that's the very definition of conflict of interest.... *shrug*
  17. It really is that simple. Don't cheat in the first place, then you wouldn't have to worry about it. No one really to blame but the Patriots themselves....
  18. Just a thought... Is it entirely possible that Kraft is just an honorable man, who just couldn't stomach all the rhetoric anymore, finding out somewhere along the way that his organization truly cheated? I know if I were in that situation, I would try to find any way to back out. It would certainly explain the sudden reversal. If that's the case, it does restore some faith that integrity does mean something to some people after all....
  19. That's not quite true. Skimming the Pats forum (I admit, I do that from time to time), it's becoming quite clear that even Pats fans are realizing the rings are tainted, and that they'll always be viewed as cheaters. That's why the Kraft concession is such a big deal.In any event, if I were a Pats fan and truly believed that those championships weren't forever tainted, I'd be contently sitting at home and be happy not saying anything at all. The last thing is be doing is spending all my time on a Colts forum, trying to convince the world that it wasn't true. In other words, it matters... whether certain Pats fans want to openly admit it or not....
  20. Could say something... but nothing I could say would make her look any worse than she does right now...
  21. Yeah, pure comedy gold. Have to give this Bones Jones fella' his due for that.
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