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Colts vs Patriots 2009 great comeback(remember the 4th down play)


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I still can't believe we ALMOST did the same thing last year (I think at one point in that game Belichick was confronted with a similar 4th and 2 situation again trying to kill the clock lol)

God if we could've just won that game last year it would've been our best win of the season

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I was there in section 512 with a bunch of friends. When Welker ran that punt back we got ready to leave. I told my wife when they scored we were gonna head for the door. Maroney fumbled it taking it in and we had it.

We had a bunch of LOUD and arrogant Pats fans in our section. (I know, it's hard to imagine those kind of people exist, right?) They were giving us crap all night. In the last half of the 4th they got real quiet.

Then came the 4th down. We were going ballistic because we were getting the ball back, and when everyone realized they were going for it, it was like a panic set in...

It was the right call. Billichick knew that Peyton getting the ball back meant we were going to win. It didn't matter if he got the ball back on the 20, the 50, the far 70, or all the way up on 96th street. He was going to score and win that game. To punt was a loss. The only way to win was to get the 1st.

When he juggled it we went nuts. The Pats fans in our section were sitting down, their heads in their hands, and it was our turn to stick it to them.

Then we started to drive. As we were lining up for the play that Peyton threw the TD on, one of my buddies went "OH GOD, ANYONE REMEMBER 2003 WHEN EDGE COULDN'T SCORE ON 4 DOWNS FROM THE 1?!"

Yeah, as you can imagine, that didn't go over well. I thought Andrew was gonna get lynched for that one.

Luckily enough, though, Peyton threw the TD to Reggie, and the place came un-freaking-glued.

I just sat down and cried. I was that happy. That game is better than the one we beat them in the AFCCG IMO. I got to be there for it, and I believe we beat a much, much better Patriots team in that game than in the AFCCG. Best game of all time, IMO, and I still have it on my DVR and I watch it every couple of months.

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I was at that game in the north west corner... Cant remember section but I think (or at least felt like I was) the first person to scream fumble because I saw the ball drop to his waist before he was hit... Had so pats fans yelling at me from behind about my 21 jersey and him not playing.... Make fun of my injured colt... I preceeded to verbally lash patriots fans all around throught the amazing comeback...

Loved every minute of it!

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