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  1. He played a great game throughout, but when he was needed to make a final drive to win the game, he came up short (Which is the media's perception of him during the playoffs). This Broncos team has been, in my opinion, one of the better teams he's played with in recent years. They were lucky that they didn't suffer many damaging injuries as playoff teams often do ('09 Colts). Is it possible that this demoralizing loss might get to Peyton's head? Or is this going to fuel him even more?
  2. I am curious - how would you access Claiborne's low score of 4? DB is much more difficult to play than WR
  3. I sometimes wish they would kick him off as an analyst. He gets so upset whenever another analyst says something counter to him, and then he just tries to talk over them. Very distracting to hear real football talk when one guy is demanding the floor
  4. I personally think Manning would be foolish not to sign with the 49ers if they have expressed genuine interest in him. (Or if they will limit what he normally does) My question is, how much do you think it'll take to sign him?
  5. My guess is that Alex Smith hasn't signed the contract because Condon, who represents both Smith and Manning, is waiting to hear what the 49ers have to say. Will Smith get a new agent because of these events?
  6. I am just thinking hypothetically about the Chris Johnson situation. Had he continued to hold out and not play for the Titans, and then the Titans were to release him because of his decision not to play, then should other GMs be allowed to sign him?
  7. When two parties sign a legal contract, it is binding and should not be broken. I don't think it's fair to the owners of a franchise if they take a chance on a player who suddenly becomes a star a few years later, and that star thinks he has the right to demand a better contract. Should the NFL impose a new rule disallowing GMs from other teams to sign that star? So basically, if you don't like how much you're earning, you either stick with it, or leave the NFL
  8. All those teams are contenders, but the Texans are head and shoulders above them all, with an elite running game and defense, and a scary machine in Andre Johnson. He would easily win the division with the Texans, possibly securing home field advantage as well. I am more of a Peyton fan than I am a Colts fan, so I would love to see him win 1 or 2 more superbowls. Besides, the Colts are going to be rebuilding the next two years, so it's not really affecting their chances at the playoffs. Manning wanted to come back, but Irsay didn't let him. That should give him the liberty to go wherever h
  9. He would be a great pick up if he actually stuck to his role of pounding it down the middle and moving the chains, but he tries too hard to be the premiere running back. He bounces around a lot and tries to be nifty with his feet, which often leads to very minimal yardage gain. I watch a lot of Giants games (I live in NY), and I find myself wondering why he takes the field when there is a much better option in Bradshaw who can do everything Jacob is supposed to do and more.
  10. Do you think that Luck looks into these forums? I'd like to think that he does and so we should welcome him with open arms! Through thick and thin
  11. If Manning comes back, I believe he can keep Randy Moss in check. Moss played well with Brady and even at 35, Moss is probably good for 1000 yards 8TDs with Manning at the helm. If we are moving on with Luck, then I'd rather pass.
  12. I hope this is the only reason. For him to think that he is worth 7mill/year average with all his inconsistencies is beyond me. His greed will catch up with him in the end, where he'll have to settle for 5~6mill a year
  13. If Justin Tuck was guarded by Matt Light for the majority of the game, it would have been JPP putting up monster stats. That being said, Manning made some nice plays in the Superbowl and had a better overall performance than any singular player on the defense or offense. And I do not agree with giving an MVP to a whole defensive line because 1) that defeats the purpose of MVP and 2) Brady was fairly comfortable the whole game. Even the Pats fans admit to the Giants D-line being neutralized by the Pats O-line for a large part.
  14. Personally, I don't think Peyton will be ready to throw 100% by the March deadline, and I think that Irsay really needs to man up and complete the transition into a "new era."
  15. Seeing how Giants play the way they do in the regular season, it's very possible that they'll be coming into the playoffs with another low playoff spot. but if they face the saints, niners, or packers at home, they may fall to this curse as well
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