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  1. Against a blitz painter has a far bigger upside than collins, painters drop back is more fluid and he doesnt turn his back to the field on 5 step drops and his release is far quicker allowing short throws to beat the blitz. Against zone looks or man spy collin's experience give him a higher upside. With saying that it doesnt matter what qb was holding the ball when painter was hit from his blind side on the sack fumble return for td, 90% of qbs will lay an egg when the are hit from behind by an unblocked defender. I think the bucs will play soft against painter and try to make him beat them
  2. lol never too young for good football, the north/east game was on espn 2 this year, someone forgot to tell north they werent suppose to win Is that the same mr money that graduated in 2004? And stevie runs a 4.39 forty... Speed never hurts!
  3. Fair enough, and I agree hes probably the last guy I would have expected to possibly be up for that award
  4. Yea I went to north as well but knew him from elementary, Gunner Kiel is the qb from east thats a top prospect, his uncle is blair. Whoops missed mr moneys post, its like a regular columbus reunion in here
  5. any afc team would be aweful, as long as its nfc and not the chowboys im ok
  6. Football is slowly turning into soccer catering to premadonas and whimps. If you cross the middle as a wr you shiuld know you may wake up with smelling salts period. This nonsense like the robinson penalty against maclin, it was not helmet to helmet, maclin had both feet down and took a couple of step with possesion, and robinson gave him a dirt nap! Thats how the game should be played, its a contact sport that you know the risk when you lace up your cleats! The nfl needs to stick to enforcing conduct rules and not worrying about how tackles are occuring! Goodell and the nfl are ruining smashm
  7. After sitting out, multiple surgeries and all the extra work he will probably put in to be ready,with the prospect he may not recover 100%. I'd say it may need to be right next to that SB ring on the shelf above those mvps.
  8. If painter would get a frickin hair cut then yea I would give collins one more game and if he still flounders start painter against kc
  9. Stevie grew up and went to hs in my home town, hes about 3 yrs younger than me, hes a good kid with rediculous speed and he can tackle he definately would help our sp teams.
  10. As fans we have been spoiled for the last decade... Theres no need to freak out, it wasnt an earthquake it was just all the bandwagon fans falling off! The d played fairly well for as many times as our offense turned the ball over on downs or fumbles. And we created turnovers! The offense showed signs of finding a rythm late in the 3rd and into the 4th, give these guys sometime all is not lost!
  11. Face palm dents... Ah I see now, pressure on the frontal lobe of the brain, that explains whats wrong with you.
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