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  1. To me all threads are deserving this time of the year. Not much to talk about..
  2. Its very easy to get your speed up to 100mph without really noticing. Nothing major.
  3. Never the less others knew exactly who was being referred to. And since you want to be a d bag there is not a hyphen in misspelled.
  4. Did Freeny ever play with the COLTS?
  5. I know he is not Freeny but they way he plays reminds me of him. However, he could be another J Freeman type that comes in a contribute.
  6. Saw that the Colts signed this guy to a reserved/ future contract. From what I see he is an ok pass rusher, his style kind of reminds me of Dwight Freeney. However, this guy could be just a product of where he played (AFL). In the AFL teams only have 3 down lineman which means everyone is in a 1 v 1 which makes it alot easier for the quick guys to disrupt the opposing team. I would also like to see him develop a bullrush. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.
  7. yea yea whatever.. he got more credit from already established LBs. What linebackers did he actually help develop
  8. True but you had alot of guys go to cleveland for a reason. It wasnt because they thought they would have a chance at winning. My guess it was because they thought the defense would be good because of pettine
  9. Can we stop with the old ravens and eagles players and staff already
  10. When did that happen. A few minutes ago?
  11. I saw that chuck doesnt know what his status is. After the meeting with Irsay it is still up in the air. I am thinking that Chuck will be back because he hasnt been fired yet or this could be another mismanagement by the team.
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