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Playoff scenario

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Ok, I know we control our own destiny for the division here. It with us all 3 even at 6-6, what happens after this week with a win against Houston? We would be 7-6 with Texas being 6-7 and we would be tied for head to head play. After this game though, say Texas doesn't lose another game and we lose to either Vikings or Oakland, where does this put us in the race providing we both end up at 9-7 at the end of the season? Wouldn't Texans have the division win tie breaker? I just feel like Titans have a much tougher schedule to be in the mix for the division with Denver and KC and perhaps a desperate Texas team. 

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In short, assuming the Colts win today, the moment the Colts lose a game the Texans re-gain control of their own destiny.  


As a matter of fact, assuming the Colts win today, the same is true of the Titans.  If the Colts lose another game, the Texans beat the Jags and Bengals and the Titans somehow manage to beat Jax, Denver and KC, the Titans/Texans game week 17 will be for the AFC South crown.

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