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Indy Superbowl...


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Id love to see another New England Vs Giants Rematch

Then again Id love to say Haurbaugh Vs. Haurbaugh again..

But even More Id like Baltimore to Play Eli.

Rich Eison had an interesting point..We all know Patriots and Colts is considered one of the top rivals..So if New England Goes they have to play on one of their biggest rivals field for the big game.

He also pointed out we all Know if the Giants go Eli will be playing in Peytons house to win the big game.

He then stated, That if Baltimore goes they would have to go to the house of the "franchise" that they once claimed theirs to win the superbowl.

and finally He mentioned that if The 49s come their HC Jim Haurbaugh " Captian Comeback" is in the Ring of honor in Indianapolis.

So whichever two teams play in the superbowl, they Ironicly have some ties with indianpolis..Interesting

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I think it makes a good story for whatever teams end up going, and how they are some what related to indianapolis or the colts

whether it be the rival with Patriots, or a member of our Ring of Honor is Coaching the Niners, or Eli playing on big brothers turf, or the bitter story all baltimore fans hate colts for, and thats stealing their franchise. Excited for this weekend games.

I have Baltimore and Giants going to the bowl with Eli winning

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