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  1. Even the non-gurus are picking Denver. WISH TV's AC Football Challenge has 94% picking Broncos.
  2. The bottom line is we could have rebuilt the team around Peyton and been a Super Bowl contender for the rest of his career AND put the pieces in place to continue after he was gone. Now we have a rebuilding time that is gonna be a struggle and we are not yet a Super Bowl contender. Fifteen years of Luck is a low percentage at this point. Look around the league for the past 30 years and you'll find that rebuilding isn't all its cracked up to be. But, when you have the rare once in a lifetime opportunity to have a special player such as Unitas or Manning you make it for all its worth
  3. One positive I saw for sure in this game. We're positively still rebuilding and not in the hunt for the Super Bowl.
  4. Kinda looked like re-building year #2 to me. Hope we can handle Tennessee this year. Looking forward to Jacksonville.
  5. Hey don't panic! Da Colt's done good. Half the teams that played yesterday lost. Even the Broncos were behind at half time with a washed up QB that can't throw any more.
  6. Next season I'll be looking for the kick off unit. Early and often...
  7. Peyton Manning is the Most Valuable Player in the NFL in 2012. PM on any team with a middle of the road defense & running game equals a Super Bowl contender. AP on any team makes them a playoff contender.
  8. Just to be clear. While I disagree that Bill (no comment on son) or Jim was as bad as many on this forum would advocate(opinions yes, but facts they are not) regardless of the length to which you denigrate them personally was not the issue that I have with Mr. Kravitz methods. I would gladly read his opinions, but it appears to me that in many instances he deliberatly baits his subjects and distorts their answers when seeking responses from other parties involved. Likewise, he has appeared(to me) to deliberately misinterpret statements made by individuals and reported as such that upon cla
  9. My objection to Kravitz has been years in the making. Writers that criticize players has never bothered me even when I disagreed with their point of view. After all, sensationalistic journalism has always been employed to sell newspapers and give pundits means to be recognized. This was how I characterized Mr. Kravitz back in the day. However, as time marched on I became appalled at the "lows" to which Mr. Kravitz was willing to stoop. Many times it appeared to me that he went as far to stretch, bend, or distort the truth of a player, team, coach, or owner to make some outlandish claim
  10. Sure Luck has made mistakes. I'd speculate that every player that has been into a ballgame on every team within the NFL has made at least a few mistakes. Some more than others. Some more disastrous than others. Luck's mistakes in no way account for the losses we've experienced, the record as it stands, or the general condition or environment of the team at this point. Rookies, castoffs(even some good ones), free agents(even some average ones), new schemes, and lack of depth explain the current situation of the Colt's. Band aid fixes, creative use of personel, inventive strategies will be
  11. Ok. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I think Peyton is almost 100%.
  12. As long as Krappy is there, I don't buy or read the Star.
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