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  1. The Colts are building a 'monster.' A baby learns to stand up, then he learns to walk, then he learns to run. When you build something, you start with the foundation, then add the bricks. The foundation was drafting Andrew Luck. What a great choice. It's coming Colts fans, just have a little patience. This year will be another step forward, ie., Gore and Johnson.
  2. There are a lot of positives to take away from this season. What hurts the most is losing in the Championship game to the Pats. Not just losing but getting punked on national T.V. What never seems to change is the inability to run the ball and stop the run, against top tier teams. It seems the Pats look up and see, oh, it's the Colts. We will send them packing again. It seems to me that the Pats have won so many games against the Colts, that they have this superior confidence and that confidence is definitely lacking on the Colts side of the ball. Once again we hear the same old s
  3. Bradshaw and Ballard. Two good backs on injured reserve. Colts have had some pretty bad luck with these two RB's. Richardson just didn't live up to what Rigs thought he was getting. Next year we will see what the brain trust does about our RB's. Cut Bradshaw and Ballard because they cannot stay healthy? Cut Richardson is a given.
  4. I bought Rogaine. But Rogaine is for the other end.
  5. mostly water

    1. southwest1


      Mostly ice? But sometimes, being vapor can be fun too. Just Kidding seeblu!

  6. There are no 'sure enough' games in the NFL. Hope the Colts remember that.
  7. Pats run for 248 yards and Colts RB's for 14 yards. Just what has Grigs improved? The O line or the D line?
  8. LOL seeblu still has 0 warning points. Must be on his best behavior.
  9. We hate this because we like Ballard so much. Hate the injury because it may be the end of his career and most of us wanted to see him back on the field, making more helicopter TD's. The mods still showing seeblu has 0 warning points. Am I in the mods doghouse?
  10. Costonzo and Chrilus are a given. We have 8 offensive linemen that will be battling for a position at guard and center. Lutz, 6'3" 290 rookie Josh Walker, 6'5" 328 rookie Hugh Thorton, 6'3" 336 2 years Donald Thomas 6'4" 303 7 years has he healed from injury? Joe Reitz 6'7" 325 4 years Jack Mewhort 6'6" 308 rookie Lance Louis 6'3" 330 5 years Khaled Holmes 6'3" 309 2 years This is easily the heaviest O line the Colts have had in my memory. The competition is going to be fierce and Colts fans have reason to believe that we may actually have an O line th
  11. you are referring to those times when someone could catch him? :yay:
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