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  1. Last nights new was talking about potential taking the colts of the bid for the super bowl, I disagree with that move as well....The city benefits more from the super bowls than the colts organzation would.
  2. my only issue with the game is how conservative we played. At the end of the first half there was 37secs ( I think) left on the clock with 2 TOs. I dont think the field position was horrible and we run it with brown then let the clock run..We could of at least got in FG range and been down by 4 or 5 I think at half instead of whatever the score was.
  3. Skip Bayless Should have some nice writing paper after this one
  4. you bring alot of points to the table...I might be alone with this, but i felt Pagano played could HC be an issue, we had almost 40secs and 2 timeouts before half and we run the ball...if we go for a fg its a different game. Dont get me wrong or bash me. I love Chuck and what he brings but. How do you determine play call before half
  5. you and that damn Apple Juice!
  6. I have heard local people in my area suggest we sandbagged the first half. I honestly dont think thats the case. If it was they didnt expect to be down that much at half time. I have watched the game on NFl Network Replay and seen the Defense really not in the game on a few plays - Example the McCluster catch for a first down, right before Smiths shovel pass to the Rb..Our D line man were walking around the line some and not really in any form of a stance...Not typical for a defense I dont think. So to go with your point we clearly didnt play our best and on some plays it showed it
  7. I honestly dont see Manning buckling the ole chin strap 2 more years...After this year, I think he will play 1 more and call it a career
  8. we are meeting up at 730 this saturday! Should be taken care of(Hopefully)
  9. Oh and Last week we didnt do any, so I went ahead at half time and pounded 3 shots
  10. A Friend and I polish off a fifth of Jack Daniels Saturday night doing shots to the game with my colts shot glasses. The times we didnt do it this year, Rams game...Arizona game
  11. I just told one of my friends our key to success will need to be Run game and screen passes. The weather will be crap and passing the deep ball will not be a factor this week. I think its going to come down to pounding the rock with Brown and Trent. Trent is upset with his fumble last week so He will be running Angry ( could be a good Thing) I expect a lot of runs, screens, pistol formation, no huddle and short to intermediate passes. Bill is going to take TY and Fleener out of the game, he is also going to try and blitz luck. If we can run the no huddle, they wont be able to switch from their
  12. I wouldnt be surprised either. Chargers will be tough to beat. I would think with the game at our house we have the better odds but They beat us in all three phases when we played earlier this year. Whats to say they cant do that again
  13. No I was more suprised because he has no ties here in Indy. He is from Georgia, He was drafted by New England and play several years there. Of all places he lives here...Just shocking I guess. I figured most player would go back home or maybe the place they were drafted at.
  14. He lives in Indy? Really?
  15. how do you read these point lines... Ive seen people post we are -2.4 or we are 5.5....Whats this mean actuallly
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