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Week 17 Garcon Predictions


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First play of the game..

You KNOW we'll be at the 20 because we never get any runback...

Fake a handoff..fake a reverse...

double move by Pierre...try to get 80 on the firtst play...

Pierre Garcon Stats, News, Videos, Highlights, Pictures, Bio ...


#85 - WR - Indianapolis Colts

11439.png REC YDS TD Regular Season 68 925 6 Career 186 2497 16

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Actually Mark, I HOPE we get to the 20 since when we do run it back we end up somewhere between the 12 and 15.

As to Garcon, he's probably one of the hardest guys to predict his production since he tends to be more of a big play type reciever who are always hit and miss.

I'd like to see him get 1k yards though.

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I think it would mean a lot to him...1,000 yards and not one pass from Manning...

..all our receievers probably hear that they'd be nothing with Peyton...

If we have two 1,000-yard receivers THIS season...it means they actually are good....and it might boosts some banged up egos..

Yeah. It might also boost some salaries too which we could do without.


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