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Scouting Profile: Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska

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Previous Installments:


Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State

Duke Johnson, RB, Miami

T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama




Games watched: vs Miami, vs USC, vs Illinois


The Good: 


Good speed. Eats up yards quickly. Explodes when given a crease.

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254984&gif=BigheartedThoughtfulIlladopsis


Understands how to make defenders take poor angles on tackle attempts. 


Relentless runner. Never gives up even when the play is all but over. 

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253740&gif=InferiorAcclaimedHatchetfish


Powerful runner for his size. Falls forward on most runs and pinballs off of defenders. Is never shy to contact. Never afraid to lower the shoulder on larger players.


Powerful jump cut.


Sacrifices body in pass protection.

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254984&gif=BelovedHeftyAustralianfreshwatercrocodile

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254984&gif=HopefulSeveralIridescentshark


Fantastic vision between the tackles. Reads blocks as well as any back in this draft. 

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253740&gif=WetCreativeJenny


Completely freezes defenders 1-on-1.  


Makers defenders look dumb with his shiftiness.

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254984&gif=FlusteredSatisfiedBee


Looks natural as a pass catcher.


The Bad: 


A small back. Around 5'8-5'9 and ~200 lbs. Not big enough to be a featured between the tackles runner. Also will always be limited in pass protection, despite great effort. 


Bounces runs to the outside a little too much. 


The Ugly: 


Ball security. 23 fumbles in 53 games. 




Duke Johnson and Ameer Abdullah are very similar prospects IMO. What Abdullah lacks in game breaking speed and elusiveness he makes up for in power and toughness. Like Johnson, Abdullah is a career #2 in a RBBC. Pound for pound, Abdullah and Johnson may be the best runningbacks in the draft.


Position Rank: 5

Projected Round: 3rd

NFL Comparison: Andre Ellington, Arizona


Next up: Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana

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