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Scouting Profile: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State

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Previous Installments:


Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin




Game watched: vs Ole Miss, vs Colorado State


The Good:


Prototypical size. 6' 215 lbs.


Solid lateral agility. 


Amazing pass catching skils. Catches better than most WRs. Shows ability to hold on to passes while absorbing hits.

   ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253304&gif=JealousClutteredBanteng

   ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253304&gif=ClearSomeAcornwoodpecker


Unreal balance. Probably the best of his draft class. Yes, even better than Gurley's. 

   ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253304&gif=GentleFaroffAldabratortoise


Relentless runner. Fights for every yards on the field. Understands how to maximize his yardage. Which goes back to his amazing balance.

   ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253639&gif=CarefulScholarlyCalf


Loves the spin move. Great, athletic jump cuts.

   ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253639&gif=EarnestCarelessAztecant


One of those backs who you see a lot of defenders slip off of when attempting a tackle.


The Bad: 


Average athleticism. He'll never be a homerun threat in the pros. Needs to build up a head of steam to hit that second gear. 


Pass blocking skills are sub-par. Though, most college backs suffer from the same problem, so it's not really a concern. His clearly has the size to do it.


Ball security problems. He had a few fumbles in college, will he suffer the same problem in the pros?


Doesn't explode through the line. Often times leaving a bunch of yards on the field.


Won't be able to power through tackles at the next level. Doesn't posses great lower body strength. Though he has enough to break most arm tackles. 


The Ugly: 


Loves to bounce runs to the outside. Often time passing up his pre-determined (at least to my eye) running lane. He will lose a lot of yards doing this in the NFL. 




Ajayi is a shifty "scat-back" who's best asset is his ability to catch passes. He won't be a dominant runner, but he'll be good enough to keep defenses honest. His running style reminds me a lot of Legarrette Blount, as in, he's a big runningback who runs like he's 5'8 190 lbs. While he doesn't posses the power in his runs as Blount, he makes it up with his great balance and ability in the passing game. IMO, Ajayi is a perfect fit in the Colts offense. With Luck under center, Ajayi will have access to more running lanes, and will present an elite target for Luck to dump the ball off to. 



Projected Round: Late 2nd-Early 3rd

Prospect Rank: 2

NFL Comparison: Ahmad Bradshaw, Colts/FA

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As Ajayi was late to commit to the NFL there isn't as much info out there on him...


Neither NFL.com or ESPN.com have a profile or grade for him yet.    They will soon.


I think Ajayi is a harder to read talent primarily because the level of competition he played against is just not that good.


So, does he dominate because he's really as good as he seems,  or does he dominate because the competition wasn't good at all?


I'll have to do more homework on him...     but as we sit here today,  I don't see him going higher than the 3rd round....   I think the Big 3 of Gurley, Gordon and (your favorite :thmup: ) Coleman go first...   and then it's anyone's guess who goes after that.   It'll likely depend on what a team is looking for.


One last thought....   if I haven't said so before,  thanks for doing these.   They're great fun and make for good debate/discussion here in the off-season....

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