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  1. I think DT is a point of weakness on our roster, as we've shifted our defensive front. Also I wonder what the young guys at DE bring. Personally, I think Ballard will draft BPA but if it's a tie I see him bolstering the trenches over the secondary.
  2. Track Guy

    Great target for 2019

    Trey Adams is another name at OT to consider. He's been compared to Taylor Lewan. Could play RT for a couple years on our roster and then evaluate whether he can be the next franchise LT. But this is all pretty far away at this point!
  3. Track Guy

    The "Slauson Effect"

    I think just about everyone agrees from L - R on the first 3 starters: Castonzo, Nelson, and Kelly. RG could be Mewhort, Slauson, or Smith. I would say barring injury Mewhort should be favored, although that's not to be taken for granted. RT could be Howard, Haeg, or Good. I would imagine Howard will enter as the favorite to start, but not by a landslide by any means. One thing that's obvious, is that not only has our starting line gotten better, but also our depth is better. I've just mentioned 9 names here, 6 of which are gunning for 2 starting spots. I believe the interior of our line looks super promising for several years to come and that for the '18 season, our situation at tackle should be good enough to succeed (provided Castonzo can stay reasonably healthy.) Long term we may well need another tackle, but I like the roster of this O-line the best of any that Luck has had to work with. I expect them to improve as the season goes along, too.
  4. Track Guy

    Team needs for 2019

    I forecast the top 3 needs as being DT, OT, CB in that order. DT because with our scheme shift and reshuffling of our roster, I think a dominant addition there improves our roster more than any else. OT because our situation at RT is not clear and Castonzo at LT will be entering a contract year next season (and he's not exactly a kid anymore). CB is next, and I know what we do there will be influenced by the development of our younger guys.
  5. He's a talented football player, but seems mentally unstable. Having said that, I still find it weird he caught so much heat for the Jonathan Martin thing while Pouncey and Terry, nobody bats an eyelash at. As for his future in the NFL... I'm not sure if it's in the cards at this age, with his personality. Certainly not for a team like the Colts, who have some new exciting talent at guard. Maybe somebody will take a flier, you never know.
  6. If you go by what Ballard did in the last two drafts in round 1 - you gotta think he'll take the BPA. Next year I think our draft will include some DT and DE talent. Maybe an OT if the right guy comes along. We have 2 second round picks as well.
  7. Track Guy

    Elite OLine

    I like the direction of our O-line. The personnel on the interior of our O-line should develop into an elite unit with time. We have 1 good starting tackle (Castonzo) and (as of now I'd have to rate them as) two good backup tackles (Haeg and Good) one of which will start. This season should be an immediate improvement over what we're used to, but I'm not going to go so far as saying to expect "elite" play this season. Let's say next season we added a good RT, we've got more experience and chemistry over the interior of the O-line, then we can start talking about if we're on the fringe of elite.
  8. Ed Oliver, Clelin Ferrell, and Trey Adams would all be guys who I'd like seeing wear a horseshoe one day!
  9. Track Guy

    Tomasi Laulile - DT (BYU) 2018 UDFA

    With him and Skai Moore - those are a couple UDFAs that have a real chance at making the roster imo.
  10. Track Guy

    Projected Colts Starters

    I'm thinking for the O-line it goes like this: LT: Castonzo LG: Nelson C: Kelly RG: Mewhort if healthy, either Slauson or Smith if not RT: Haeg or Good (whoever plays better in training camp and preseason)
  11. Track Guy

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    I am excited for the future of our running game for the first time in quite a long time.
  12. Track Guy

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

    Actually - he just made a return to it ;)
  13. I'm not sure whether he's ready to start or not, but he has a very good upside. The strength, athleticism, and mean streak. An interior of Nelson - Kelly - Smith should finally allow us to run the football well!
  14. Mewhort probably has the highest ceiling for '18, Smith probably the highest ceiling beyond that... Slauson is the most sure to be ready to start. So any of these 3 are possibly, let's see who earns it?
  15. I saw him listed at 6'9" as well hahaha