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  1. Nice! I think he'll work well in our offense. He's a really good YAC guy.
  2. Strong combine numbers for explosiveness. Interesting pick!
  3. I hope he's good. I can't say I've watched him play tbh.
  4. I would've thought perhaps we could either get more than a 2nd round pick or drop less far than 20 picks for one. But all in all, I don't mind it. I think a lot of the prospects who were the right fit for us were off the board, and next year that 2nd round pick will be very nice for us to have.
  5. I really hope we picked up some collateral for next year. I'd love that.
  6. Adams is a guy with a lot of upside, I wish he was in this year's draft for us to snag. His injuries were ACL in '17 and a back surgery in '18.
  7. Few players I don't want: Jachai Polite - such a sluggish combine, not encouraging, small for our system. Jonah Williams - he's a guard at the next level imo. Top 5 realistic options: Andre Dillard, OT, Washington - perhaps the truest LT in the draft. I think it'd suit him better to wind up in a situation like ours where he wouldn't be expect to be a day 1 starter as well. Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson - guy who could upgrade on the inside of our D-line, has some versatility. Brian Burns, Edge, Florida St. - he's got great length and burst, plays a high value position. DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia - not the biggest or fastest CB in the draft, so could slide a little - he is big and fast enough, has fantastic ball skills, and plus tackling. Jeffery Simmons, DL, Mississippi St. - talented guy who will miss the season. I've heard things about his past that aren't good, but he's also got people who support him vocally.
  8. Issue is, this is just on paper. What if TY has to miss 4 games, where do we sit? I think there's a lot to be happy about, but I would like Ballard to draft another one. After TY, between Funchess, Cain, maybe Inman coming back are pretty solid depth but none have proven capable of being a go to guy really (doesn't mean they won't moving forward).
  9. Jeremy Langford was a good call. So far anyways, looks better than Josh Robinson. Scrapping Henry Anderson in favor of Dawson was obviously one that I'd stick with Grigson on. Tyler Lockett woulda been a nice pick as well!
  10. 29. Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon (pains me because I really have grown to love the Dorsett pick a lot. I think he was likely the true best BPA at 29 and I think he is going to be a star. I just love bolstering the trenches and happen to believe I can snag another very good WR with the next pick.) 65. Tyler Lockett, WR, Kansas St. 93. Henry Anderson, DE, Stanford 109. Grady Jarrett, DT, Clemson 151. Shaquille Riddick, OLB, West Virginia 205. Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi St. 207. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, DB, Oregon 255. Anthony Harris, S, Virginia Overall I'm really happy with Grigsons draft class. It's really anyones guess if theirs can come out better than his. I bet hindsight says most of ours won't.
  11. Yeah Ok I'll improve mine: Round 1 - #29 A: T.J. Clemmings, OL B: Jake Fisher, OL C: Byron Jones, DB Round 2 - #61 A: Henry Anderson, DL B: Damarious Randle, DB Round 3 - #93 A: David Johnson, RB B: Anthony Harris, DB Round 4 - #128 A: Ty Sambrailo, OL B: Rob Havenstein, OL Round 5 - #165 A: Derrick Lott, DL B: Jake Ryan, LB Round 6a - #204 A: Cam Thomas, DB B: Damien Wilson, LB Round 6b - #206 A: Akeem Hunt, RB B: Antwan Goodley, WR Round 7a - #244 A: Connor Halliday B: Cameron Clear, OL/TE Round 7b - #255 A: Brian Mihalik, DL B: Mike Orakpo, Edge
  12. Ok, here are my guesses as of just over a month out: Round 1 - #29 A: Carl Davis, DL B: T.J. Clemmings, OL C: Jake Fisher, OL Round 2 - #61 A: Lorenzo Mauldin, Edge B: Mario Edwards, DL Round 3 - #93 A: Henry Anderson, DL B: Ty Sambrailo, OL Round 4 - #128 A: Anthony Harris, DB B: Rob Havenstein, OL Round 5 - #165 A: Cody Prewitt, DB B: Jake Ryan, LB Round 6a - #204 A: Nick Marshall, DB/QB B: Damien Wilson, LB Round 6b - #206 A: Akeem Hunt, RB B: Antwan Goodley, WR Round 7a - #244 A: Bobby McCain, DB B: Cameron Clear, OL/TE Round 7b - #255 A: Brian Mihalik, DL B: Mike Orakpo, Edge
  13. I know we met with T.J. Clemmings at the senior bowl. Did we meet with Mewhort, Moncrief, or Newsome last year?
  14. We simply don't know enough about Holmes' play at the NFL level yet, I'm going to trust the coaches who have seen what he can do a lot more than anyone on this board. If they feel he's good enough to start - ok - that's good. But I still hope we draft a quality interior O-lineman this week.
  15. Satele will (or at least should) be cut. I think we need to hit free agency for a C (Brian De La Puente is most likely, Eric Dietrich-Smith is a possibility too). With Thomas coming back, either Thornton is the other assumed starter (McGlynn is not) or we look to improve the position through free agency or draft. I like picking up prospect Dakota Dozier in the 3rd round if we go the draft route.
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