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  1. Nice! I think he'll work well in our offense. He's a really good YAC guy.
  2. Strong combine numbers for explosiveness. Interesting pick!
  3. I hope he's good. I can't say I've watched him play tbh.
  4. I would've thought perhaps we could either get more than a 2nd round pick or drop less far than 20 picks for one. But all in all, I don't mind it. I think a lot of the prospects who were the right fit for us were off the board, and next year that 2nd round pick will be very nice for us to have.
  5. I really hope we picked up some collateral for next year. I'd love that.
  6. Adams is a guy with a lot of upside, I wish he was in this year's draft for us to snag. His injuries were ACL in '17 and a back surgery in '18.
  7. Few players I don't want: Jachai Polite - such a sluggish combine, not encouraging, small for our system. Jonah Williams - he's a guard at the next level imo. Top 5 realistic options: Andre Dillard, OT, Washington - perhaps the truest LT in the draft. I think it'd suit him better to wind up in a situation like ours where he wouldn't be expect to be a day 1 starter as well. Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson - guy who could upgrade on the inside of our D-line, has some versatility. Brian Burns, Edge, Florida St. - he's got great length and burst, plays a high v
  8. Issue is, this is just on paper. What if TY has to miss 4 games, where do we sit? I think there's a lot to be happy about, but I would like Ballard to draft another one. After TY, between Funchess, Cain, maybe Inman coming back are pretty solid depth but none have proven capable of being a go to guy really (doesn't mean they won't moving forward).
  9. Wilkins > Lawrence - especially with the PED test on record.
  10. Luck didn't play well, but he was far from alone on that. The receiving group had some drops and struggled to get open all day. The O-line did so-so, not as good as usual. Luck had a down day but Eric Ebron, Braden Smith, and AV also had down days. Aside from AV (who might retire at this point) I don't think it'll be a problem for any of those guys moving forward
  11. Re-sign: Mark Glowinski - Glowinski has been playing well as the starting RG, I’d sign him to up to a 2 year deal. Piere Desir - Desir has played decently well in our secondary which is by no means the deepest in the league. Matt Slauson - Slauson did fairly well at the start of the season at RG before injuring his back. He’s a versatile, veteran guy who would be a really nice backup for all 3 interior positions. Clayton Geathers - Geathers is an adequate starting SS, I wouldn’t go crazy on his contract but he’s not bad. D
  12. It all depends which prospects are available at which pick. We do need a WR who can step in and play, but its hard to say what pick that will be because you can't force it. That's just the nature of the draft. If I had to guess, I'd say either in round 1 or 2 we may take one. But it's impossible to know. I think BPA is a better approach.
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