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  1. The turbinator!!!! Now I can see us cutting Ferguson and grabbing Donnell Pumphrey in the 5th or possibly udfa
  2. Eddie was a straight baller before his injury... I'm hoping we grab him with one of our picks, him with Geathers would be deadly.. not to mention he is a dynamic PR
  3. You hit the nail on the head bro.... our pass rush was so dominant, it sort of made dB play (corner in particular) look way better than it was... Marlon is really fast that's it... mike wiiliams exposed him in the championship game
  4. Do not draft Humphrey!!!!!! He will be another tj green at cb... I've watched him for 2 yrs now... no way..
  5. I would love Dalvin on our team but if we choose to go defense (any area) I would be a ok with it.... I think alvin kamara would be another great fit for our offense
  6. Not a fan of gallman.. everything else is pretty much solid...however I'd go Takk Kamara Awuzie Eddie Jackson Jones Ironhead gallon (check this guy out!!)
  7. Dominic Rhodes would shoot out of a Canon too he was a beast man at least for those 2 yrs
  8. Can we ever have a 2nd corner that isn't always out with a groin
  9. In 5 years that maybe the first time I seen that lol
  10. Wth did he let that ball hit his chest
  11. Another game goes against our favor because of stone hand receivers.. I can't believe this
  12. The bears have a chance to come back and beat tenn but Jesus these receivers are worse than ours when it comes to dropping the ball
  13. I'm with you... it'll be just our luck that the chargers play like the Browns today
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