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We're not the cute underdog anymore.

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In 2012 everyone felt sorry for us because of Pagano's cancer battle.  Luck was a rookie that was turning heads.  Last year, we snuck up on the likes of Seattle and San Fran.  Now we are the division champs and getting complacent.  We're not the cute underdog anymore.  It's time for this team to take the next step, and obviously that's not going to happen this year.

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Meh this was a bad loss but 14 games left, Lots to say that was good in this game, Unfortunately ruined by the last couple minutes of the game, some things I would have done different especially the last 2 offensive drives, I would not have came out conservative running the ball 2 consecutive times (1st and 2nd down) on the 2nd to last drive. I would have came out throwing on 1st down and depending on the result of that play I might have ran on 2nd down

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Houston is winning the division. Seen that before!

But honestly if you don't think the refs impacted this game in a major way I don't know what is wrong with you. We had our chance to come back, sure, but the we could have been up 14 points, instead it's tied.

I know no one likes hearing "blame the refs" but when they actually do impact the game with 2 major penalties at a major time in the game, who will blame them? No one? Why do refs get this free pass?

We had our chance to score and we didn't, with a tired defense playing without the lead, it truly sucked the rest of the game since the int. and I do blame the refs.

To each their own I guess.

Onto division opponents

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