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  1. Thats not nearly enough for me. With better coaching, you could have swept the cavs. Lebron was exhausted all series long and would just rest on the defensive end. The only player to move less distance per minute played on the defensive end than Lebron was James Harden, the poster child for taking it easy on the defensive side. If you ran a modern offense and made Lebron chase his player through a hurdle of screens, this would be an easy win. Instead you guys run an offense that only worked back when McMillan still played for the Sonics. Oladipo would dribble the air out of the ball at the top of the key. Let Lebron rest and take a contested shot as the shot clock runs out or kick it out if they doubled him. Its simplistic and way too easy to defend. I know its easy to % on Paul George after his performance, but the guy was exhausted. The Jazz punished him all game long and his legs were giving out. Impossible to shot accurately in that condition. It didnt matter if he was guarding Mitchell or Ingles. They never stopped moving. Boston used the same strategy with Middleton and Giannis. If the opposing team dares to play their best players 40+ minutes and you dont take advantage of that, to me thats a fireable offense. I dont expect Dwayne Casey to do any better. But, they might win on talent alone. The disparity in coaching between the two sides of the eastern conference brackets is astonishing. Spoelstra, Stevens and Brown on one side, with Brooks, Lue, Casey and McMillan on the other
  2. Coming over from the Philadelphia/Miami series and watching indy vs the Lebrons, I feel like I have traveled back a good decade and a half. Very little movement on offense and both teams just trapping the opposing teams best player all game long As bad as the refs have been in our series, this was somehow even uglier. Congratulations on the win, i guess
  3. I didn't realize paying Kmart Draymond Green more than actual Draymond Green makes would be considered a win.
  4. you didnt even mention Magic's biggest mistake. Refusing to pay their best player. Now, they're going to either give Randle a max contract or lose him. Which severely hurts their free agency this summer.
  5. The Warriors got better this off season. That bench is so deep, it could compete for a playoff spot. It's straight up not fair, how good they are. The NBA needs a hard cap with no limits on player contracts. If the * Bulls(feel free to replace with any other terribly managed team) want to offer 90 million a year to Steph Curry, they should be allowed to
  6. Who was calling Jason Kidd a bust his rookie year? Dallas improved heavily his rookie year, a 20+ win difference and Kidd got the bulk of the credit for that improvement. These Kidd comparisons need to end. The only thing the two have in common is being half black/white. The similarities end quickly after that. Lonzo is struggling in the half court offense as a ball handler, in half court offense off the ball. On defense he gets the Steph Curry treatment. The few times he does have to defend on the ball, guys are blowing past him off the dribble. No pick needed. This isnt Westbrook, where you expect it to happen. These are guys like Mario Chalmers, just eating him alive. Lets not forget the worst true shooting percentage of the 3 point era. He's really good at finding guys in transition and hes a good rebounder.
  7. Add the CP3 clippers to that list. I wonder what happens to CP3's legacy if the Clippers finally advance past the second round, the year after he left
  8. It couldn't have went off Covington. look at the ball's trajectory, it could only head in that direction bouncing off young's hand. I thought it went off convington too, during real time. But the replay showed that it wasn't possible. I think there were nonesense whistles for both teams. The refs have been horrible all year long. But your team got more calls in their favor, through out the game and still lost.
  9. how are you going to complain about refs when you got more calls than the Sixers. 20 fouls called against the sixers and only 18 on your pacers. There were bad calls on both teams, but the refs certainly didn't decide the game. Played way too sloppy in the first half and tightened up in second half. Redick and Bayless should never be on the floor at the same time. Besides that another step in the right direction.
  10. I still think that the cavs got the better end of that deal. The big difference is that Boston has arguably the third best coach in the league(behind Pop and Kerr). While the Cavs have the worst coach, now that Tank Commander Earl Watson is gone. He's coaching from the Mark Jackson playbook, give the ball to your star and stare with your mouth wide open, hoping something happens. Almost no set plays
  11. Congrats on the big win against the Cavs. Looking forward to our match-up against you guys on Friday night
  12. He should be filing a lawsuit against his girlfriend. He was almost a Raven, until she opened her mouth and the racism belched out.
  13. Prior to last night, I thought the Suns would just barely miss the playoffs with all that talent. I didnt account for just how terrible their coach is. It's almost not fair with Tank Commander Earl Watson leading the way. No way we get Lakers picks now, looks like the Celtics will have the Laker's picks. I had low expectations for the two New York teams and they still managed to under perform. Without Hayward, I think Wall and his Wizards are now the second best team in the East. A lot of people on this board are sleeping on the Spurs. Theyre still the second best in the West. Looking forward to seeing the Sixers play Boston tomorrow night and the Lebron vs Greek Freak match up this weekend
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