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  1. Why is a this thread allowed to be in the Colts forum? It's about the Denver Broncos quarterback taking a position with the Colts that is already filled by a man that just signed a brand new contract. I'm offended that I have to see this kind of post in the Colts forum and not the NFL General one. In fact I'm appalled.
  2. I highly doubt that Peyton Manning would ever work for Jim Irsay again.
  3. It's a football message board. Chill out man. We're not curing cancer here or anything serious. The sad thing is I really believe that some people on here think that the things they say on here somehow affect the Colts.
  4. Uh, you are severely overrating TY Hilton if you really believe that.
  5. Wide receivers are a dime a dozen. No one is giving up a premier pass rusher for a wide receiver.
  6. This has to happen. This team lost much of it identity by bringing in other teams' trash to replace guys. We had great leadership in that locker room and replacing guys like Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, and Antoine Beathea with Andre Johnson, Erik Walden, and LaRon Landry instead of with guys that we drafted that were able to learn from those guys and be "horseshoe" guys is not a recipe for success. You bring in guys with their own agendas and just want a paycheck.
  7. I'm not excusing Cam for acting like a whiny, 2 year old spoiled brat but I still don't think the losing team should have to do that. If you're gonna dance and dab when things are going well then you better face the music when they aren't going well.
  8. That post game press conference was bad but why does the NFL put guys in that position? He just lost the Super Bowl, the last thing he wants to do is get peppered with stupid questions.
  9. This is the first time in his career that Peyton played with a team like those Patriots teams.
  10. Reggie was a stud but this is a no brainer. It's Peyton by a mile.
  11. So Marvin couldn't even carve time into his schedule to be there with the rest of the new class of hall of famers
  12. Sharper than 99% of my fellow Colts fans. I don't think there is a dumber fanbase than the Colts.
  13. I absolutely would have done the same thing but Irsay definitely said that Peyton wasn't good enough to play for the Colts anymore by releasing him.
  14. This whole concept is pretty dumb. I doubt Peyton does it though. Why would he? Irsay told him he wasn't good enough to play for the Colts anymore. If I was Peyton, I wouldn't.
  15. Peyton is in his 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years with Denver while in 13 years with Indianapolis he only made it to 2?
  16. During the Manning years I was able have season tickets and sell about half of them on StubHub and pretty much go for free because of the profit I could make on the ones I sold.
  17. As a former STH, I'm done going to NFL games. I'll still watch on TV but I'm done with actually attending.
  18. I think he could be a good position coach but he would never lower himself to that position. I think he'd be a terrible head coach.
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