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Nfl Tv Distribution Maps - Week 12


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Chris Myers and Tim Ryan will announce the Colts home game with the Carolina Panthers live for the NFL On FOX, seen regionally at both North and South Carolina, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana, including WXIN FOX 59 on HD.

WISH CBS 8 will also televise only the Patriots @ Eagles primary late doubleheadergame live in Indianapolis on HD.


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    • So if this was the chart shown here earliest, how would it have affected the dialog from our "knowledgeable" Colts fans?  Asking:  How good is Gus and staff at designing highly effective blitz packages?  How good are our players as blitzers.   To point out:   Our 4 man rush was asked to protect the edges and run lanes at a high level. I believe they graded very well at it. You give up a little pass rush doing this on none passing downs.  We have watched Gus's back seven allow backups to shred us many times. Hopefully, our talent/experience together brings improvement this season.  And we definitely need to blitz more.
    • I almost created another I hate Gus Bradley’s system tangent post with his lack of blitzing but caught myself  
    • I think this quote from that article will explain why:   ”Pressure can come from a pass rusher beating the blocker across from him cleanly, from a quarterback bailing out of a clean pocket or from a quarterback holding onto the ball too long due to coverage and lack of receiver separation, among other reasons.”   And that’s honestly the colts pass rush in a nutshell:  meh.  It’s not bad, it’s not good.  It’s just ok.  Regarding the quote above, I believe both cases.  There were times someone got to the qb in a hurry.  And due to the qbs we played, there were also self-induced pressures.
    • To be real, I have more faith in the DBs (outside of FS) than the LBs.  LBs are kind meh in pass coverage.  They’re on the slow side.  I know our corners are slow but at least the scheme plays into them being slow.  Our LBs are going to have a hard time keeping up with receivers and even tight ends who can burn them deep or on quick hitters.
    • The LBs are pretty solid but you’re right about the DBs.     Kenny and Blackmon are the only proven vets.  I expect them to bring in a vet S and wouldn’t mind them making a curtesy call to Gilmore.     If AR and JT stay healthy the O could be special.  Shane showed he can win with anyone.  
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