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I've conceeded that we'll probably never play the International Series game, so I've finally decided to bite the bullet and travel over for my first live Colts game, and was just wondering if some of you would be kind enough to answer my questions.

Looking at next year's probable schedule, I like the Jets road game so I can make a bit of a Holiday of things in New York.

What is the situation with tickets?

Obviously I know that there's the fan ticket exchange, but do the Colts sell an allocation in a designated block of Colts fans? If so, how do I go about buying direct from the Colts?

Does it matter where you sit in the stadium?! I presume that you're free to sit any section of the ground with no trouble, but I figurered I'd ask anyway as over here you're forced to sit with home and away fans in designated areas in Soccer.

And finally, what are your tips for getting the most from Game Day? It's going to cost about £1500 all together for my trip so I want to get the most from it.

Thanks in advance


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You sit wherever it's printed on your tickets. Each ticket to the game has a specific seat on it, and that, and only that is where you sit. You'll be around a ton of Jets fans, so expect a bunch of unintelligent insults to be hurled your way all day.

The Colts will get a small amount of tickets to sell for the road game, but your best bet is to buy through a third party source. I personally suggest Stub Hub (www.stubhub.com, yeah, it's a link. I know, but in this case it should be considered an acceptable violation of the rules) because they usually have good tickets at good prices. I've found it's harder to get tickets from the actual team itself because they sell so many to third party brokers, and Ticket Exchange/Ticketmaster are WAY more expensive than other sources.

They (Stub Hub) usually, for Colts home games, have tickets available right up until game day, but I don't know if that will be the case right with New York. There are a lot of people in New York, so the demand is greater.

They usually start selling tickets soon after the schedule for the upcoming seasons is announced in April. You can buy then, or wait, because if one team, or both teams are bad and the game appears to be meaningless, or one sided ticket prices will drop. However, if both teams are doing great, prices will go up.

I dunno many tips for getting the most out of the experience in New York... But here in Indy I believe they still do Stadium Tours starting Tuesday after a game where they take you on an in-depth tour of Lucas Oil Stadium, and there is always people tailgating around the stadium and they are usually always pretty friendly. I doubt you can expect to meet many friendly fans in a place like New York. Getting the most out of the experience is prolly something you'd want to go to a Jets forum and ask them about.

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