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  1. I like Okereke, but I still think we should've kept Walker. He was like DQ Jackson. He wasn't super flashy/fast, but was always in the right spot at the right time and was a tackling machine.
  2. Wait, so if a player is vaccinated but still gets covid, these rules don't apply?
  3. Yay, ESPN did something right for once!
  4. I would hope Eberflus is moving these guys around to exploit potential weak spots in opposing O-Lines.
  5. Kwity - interested to see him against Smith (and Tevi/whoever wins LT position for that matter) Wentz - can't wait to see some QB rollouts finally!!! Rock Ya Sin - is he turning the corner, or getting traded to the Jets? Tell - hope a year off didn't hurt him Campbell - not to sound morbid, but hope he doesn't get hurt again Mack - will he come back the same RB? History shows not many RB's come back from that, hope he's different
  6. This is awesome, thanks! Dude, Isiah Rodgers got some wheels!! I really do think Jonathon Taylor is going to be something special for this team And Kenny is the man. The End
  7. McAfee is the man. Love his show. "Man he is big sumna" LMAO when Pat was talking about Carson Wentz coming in, and he was not expecting him to be that big. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Irsay has a pretty epic music collection to say the least. Too bad there's a cap on salaries for players. Irsay ain't afraid to pay lol.
  9. When Wayne caught that ball in the endzone it was so deafening loud in LOS that your eyeballs literally shook. Drinks, nachos, people, everything was in the air when that happened. EPIC is an understatement!
  10. If anyone is severely underrated, it's Kenny Moore. I know people immediately think of outside CB's on these types of things, but he is the best slot CB in the league.
  11. Over/under on me spilling my nachos on a bogus call by the refs..............
  12. PLEASE get Mo involved more in the game plan!
  13. Pretty crazy/cool how (for the most part) the Colts scouting /personnel dept has stayed together for this long.
  14. Bucs Mathis suits up for one more snap in the 4th, and comes in and knocks Brady thru the turf, and forces a fumble. Colts pick it up for the score and win.
  15. Did he win a raffle or something? lol
  16. The Bears haven't had a really good QB since Doug Flutie....I hope Fields balls out for them
  17. REGGIE...REGGIE...REGGIE!!! Besides him arriving in training camp in absolute and utter style every season, he was a classy dude. He was such a great player and such a bad man! Besides the game where he played in orange gloves (for Pagano), this were some of my fonder catches/memories of him late in his career:
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