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  1. While I won't enjoy looking at Rivers' face every weekend, the Colts just got a lot better. Hopefully they can trade Brissett for a Brisket, cut Hoyer, and move Kelly up to backup.
  2. They done lost their minds
  3. Man, you don't want to get Obriened
  4. While I will not enjoy looking at his face every week, t least he's better than Brisket
  5. Hahhahaa thanks Capt. Obvious......Holder is such a joke On a side note, I'm super happy Castanzo decided on two more years. Colts are lucky to have him!
  6. Daaaaaannnggg!! I'm sure they would've had reservations about trading Campbell to another AFC South rival, but he's worth higher than a 5th round pick (could've offered a 4th) and the Colts could use him!
  7. I don't know if the guy is going to be a bust or the best thing since sliced bread. But the bad should be displayed with the good as well. He sure does throw well on the run, but he looks inconsistent in his throws. Does Oregon always run shotgun? Does Herbert even line up under center ?
  8. Here's hoping. He would take a beating behind that O-Line.
  9. I'm still waiting to see what Siri said when you asked her this question.
  10. I forgot all about that, thanks for reminding me. Pure insanity!
  11. Under state law, a gun can be deemed "loaded" if the owner is carrying ammunition in close proximity to an operable gun That is insane to me. That's NY for you.
  12. Wow he said @ 2:27 "to me, a guy who has a massive arm, who has a lot of drops, it usually means that he can't change speeds....that he only throws fastballs." This could be said about someone currently on the roster even.
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