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Chargers Interested in Bruce Arians

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#41 Brooklyn Colt

Brooklyn Colt
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Posted 01 January 2013 - 04:43 AM

I think Andrew Luck is miles ahead of Alex Smith already, and I think that was the case before he was drafted. Alex Smith came out of a spread offense at Utah, while Luck was running a pro style offense under a former pro quarterback. As a matter of fact, Harbaugh had Luck teaching the offense to Smith during the lockout. Even Urban Meyer doubted that Alex Smith would have any success unless he was completely comfortable in an offense. The 49ers made several mistakes while trying to develop Smith, including changing the coaching staff more than they should have. But he wasn't the same kind of player or leader that Luck has proven to be.


The current system is deficient, absolutely, and while I'm not saying we necessarily need a WCO disciple, that is what Luck ran at Stanford, so it's not necessarily learning a new offense. It's going back to something he had already been a student of, and quite successfully.


Luck learned a completely new system is a short period of time, while also trying to get acclimated to playing in a league that's far more talented than the Pac division he earned his draft stock in. Everyone who's coached him has said he has a nearly photographic memory. During camp, the coaches allowed the defense to send all kinds of blitzes at him, and he had a bad day. Then he and Arians went in and dissected the film. They came out for another session, and he picked the same blitzes apart. He spent three weeks with Tom Moore before the draft, and Moore said he has "instant recall." He said "you'll never have to worry about anything." 


Luck is special, I think. Well ahead of Alex Smith, both athletically and from a mental standpoint, and tougher mentally as well. I do think continuity would be important, but like I said, there are flaws inherent in Arians' offense that I wouldn't mind seeing walk out of the door with him. And it's nothing against Arians; he's been great for us and for Luck, from a mentor standpoint and as a stand-in head coach. But I'm not going to cry if he leaves, because I don't really like his play calling.

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#42 LJpalmbeacher

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 05:47 AM

Honestly..... Money can't replace what this organization has built this year. It's been...... words can't even describe what this season was

Despite how priceless this season has been for BA, when it comes time to buy things, he will need $$$ to pay for it. A HC gig will not only increase his salary, but also fulfill a life-long dream. And at the age of 61, thats something I don't think he will pass up.


I don't have anything against him,but I hope he leaves and we get a new OC. I know our OL will be addressed in the offseason, but thats not a guarntee that it will become a great unit. And a QB needs a really,really good OL in BA system or he will get killed.


IMO, Luck's success this year was despite BA's system & playcalling not because of it.

#43 UKColt13

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 05:54 AM

The only reason I see for Arians leaving is to cash in on a HC job before retiring in a few years. I can't see Arians leaving unles it's for a big money move.


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