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Question of the Day 12/06

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Sorry this question is being posted a little late this week !!

How many Colts do you believe LEGITIMATELY belong in this years Pro Bowl ??

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Reggie Wayne

Belong, voted in, and actually go are three different things.

Reggie probably is in all three. If four QBs go, then Andrew should be one of them. If its three, who does he deserve to go in front of?


That's probably it on the 'belong' side.

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Reggie for sure. McAfee but will probably lose. Lefeged for special teams. Freeman but not sure if the rest of the league knows enough about him yet. Allen has as good of a shot as any other "fullback" out there. Mathis or Freeney maybe on name recongination alone not because they should go. Luck has a shot but my guess is that he finishes behind manning, Brady, and Schaub, big ben, or flacco but one or two of those guys may miss due to withdrawing for one reason or another so I could see luck going as an alternate.

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    • The coaches have the ball.
      I'd like to know why exaxctly you say that?   I personally think the Defense could be better that alot of people expect. And a big factor in that is the offense pulling it's weight and not leaving the defense out to dry. When our defense was on the field for practically 70% of games for over half the season, it's no wonder our numbers were as bad as they were. Opposing offenses got numerous opportunities and loads of time to wear our D down and rack up points and yards. All the while our offense is continuously going 3&out. Another thing is Ted and the defensive staff have really simplified things and removed alot of the grey out of things this year so guys should hopefully play faster and better understand what they are to do. And you take Greg Toler outta the secondary and add Henry Anderson back to the DL, thats a nice boost right there. Plus I think Mathis could be in store for a bigger season than people are expecting. Also our DL looks like it could be a real strength for this team, with alot of depth. That's big because that's where it all starts, the trenches. If you're good or even great there it goes a long ways in making your entire offense or defense good or even great.    I think if we look at things in perspective there is plenty of reason for optimism with our defense. Are they gonna be fantastic or elitie? No, I'm sure there are gonna be deficiencies and some struggles. But I think we could be a defense that's in the top half of the league, meaning top 15 or so.
    • THIS should be Peyton's new job
      I could be wrong but I just cant imagine Manning would want to move to Bristol Ct. and take a full time job there. His home mansion is in Florida, a mansion in Colorado and another mansion in Tenn. I would also imagine ESPN would open the checkbook pretty wide if he did want to do something like that. I have read where ESPN is losing viewers and advertisement big time.
    • THIS should be Peyton's new job
      If it's as funny as the commercials they used to do then absolutely. 
    • Colts' Scouts: What they liked about LeRaven Clark....
      In a nutshell,  size, feet,  arm length,  athletic ability and smarts....     yet, he fells to the 82nd pick.   Here are the five Colts' Scouts talking about Clark and what they saw that made them like him so much.....   If you can't tell by now,  I'm a huge fan of this series.    So glad the team is willing to let these guys talk in front of the cameras.     Enjoy!!
    • Nate Irving Lost 20 Pounds?
      I think the trio of Morrison, Green and Clark will be a good litmus test for this scouting department.   Green and Clark are tools guys.    They've got physical gifts that can't be taught and can this staff coach them up in time for them to start in 2017?      I'm not all that concerned how much they contribute this year,   but it's vital that they be able to either be starters and/or important contributors next year.   Morrison is the exact opposite....   not great physical tools,  but a guy who the staff thinks plays faster than he tests.    He does so with instincts,  desire and heart.    They think he's a team leader,  an alpha dog that will be great in the locker room and who others will rally to.      I see him also as a 2017.   If those three are starting in 2017,  then are scouts are validated.       If not?     Duck and run for cover.....       
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    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      When I first saw this thread, I thought I was late to the party, but then I saw that this thread has been going since 2012.   I'm still late to the party, but story of my life.  I joined in 2015, but have been a Colts fan since I was a kid.   My first Colts memory is getting a hat signed by Quentin Coryatt at training camp, and that same year almost going to the SB.   My favorite Colts memory is beating the Pats to get to the SB in 2006.   Favorite Colts:   1. Peyton Manning 2. Marvin Harrison 3. Reggie Wayne 4. Dallas Clark 5. Brandon Stokely   Needless to say, Peyton (#1) and everyone he threw the ball to (#2-5) won me many, many fantasy football games, and are my guys for eternity.   You might assume from my top 5 Colts that I am a "new-age" "fairweather" fan who only likes offense and points.  You are wrong.  I am grateful for the offensive Renaissance in Indy, but Defense is my passion.  My secret top 5 Colts: Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Cato June, Gary Brackett.   I want Henry Anderson to help lead a Defensive Renaissance in Indy.  Luck and TY are great, and I hope the OLine is outstanding, but the D is the Key.
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      Hey guys,   I have been posting for probably a year or so now.  I reside in Brazil, IN, which is about 20 minutes East of Terre Haute on I-70.  I'm 28 years old and have been a Colts fan since Harbaugh days, but really started following and rooting hard for them after they drafted Manning in 98.  I love our team and my family and I make sure we are ready to rock for every game.  We always have viewing parties at my father-in-laws or my house and are known to holler and scream at the TV!  Hope all is well with all of you, and GO COLTS!
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