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CR91 final mock draft

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Haven't had a lot of time to do mock drafts, but here's my last one just before the draft


1. Brian Thomas Jr. WR LSU


Unique size and speed that can get behind defenses with ease for the home run play. With AR's arm strength, he and BTJ can put fear in defenses.




Colts trade down with the Bucs for their second and third and for the colts second and fourth.


2. T.J Tampa CB Iowa State


Physical hard hitting CB with tight coverage. Give us our CB tandem of the future and we have a lot of depth now with Jaylen Jones and Flowers.


3. Calen Bullock S USC


With Blackmon back at SS, we need a rangy FS and Bullock fits the bill. Needs to add 10-15 pounds, but Bullock has the size and speed to make plays in our zone defense.




Colts trade down again from the Bucs pick with the Chiefs for their third and fourth for the colts 3rd and 5th


3. Audric Estime RB Notre Dame


Tremendous 2023 for the Irish with 1300 yards and 18 tds and fills the backup RB role after Zach Moss leaves for Cincy.


4. Zak Zinter G Michigan


Could be a reach, but his injuries could drop his draft stock. Solid in both pass and run protection and adds much needed depth.


6. J.D Bertrand LB Notre Dame 


Probably another reach, but running 4.8 at 235 pounds could drop his draft stock. Downhill hitter and can be contributing to ST right away.


7. Makari Paige S Michigan


Big S at 6 4 200 pounds for more depth.


Have at it.

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If Ballard picks these, I'll go up and kiss him myself.

The only thing missing is a DE, but this draft quite frankly sucks at the DE position, so no harm there.

This draft has both the offensive weapon, the defensive backs, the free safety that we don't have, and good leaders and players in the later rounds that fill Future Needs.


Special notes:


Is Will Fries truly the long-time starter at RG?  Or did he just not suck as much last year so that we didn't complain?  Adding Zak Zinter to the mix gave us a quality rookie to develop in case Fries doesn't advance any more than were he is.


LB's Franklin and Speed are both out-of-the-way finds for Ballard, and props to him for finding them.  But their PFF scores tell a different story than the hype they're getting.  They may make a lot of tackles, but a lot of them are by tackling the guy they were covering, who caught the ball for the first down anyway.  We needed to bring in somebody who could challenge them.  I love the JD Bertrand pick.  He's a 3-year starter, 3-year team leader in tackles, and 2-year team captain.  Very athletic, who made lots of splash plays.  He's a little more of a finesse tackler than a bruiser, and will need someone to absorb the blocks for him in order to be effective.  (You mean like Leonard?  Uh...  Yeah, like that.)


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    • Untouchables have to be Haliburton, Turner, Siakam, Nembhard, and McConnell. Nesmith and Toppin, even maybe Mathurin in a deal with those guys could bring another all-star here. All 3 are young and good.
    • There's a lot of questions on what this team will look like next year. A lot of people are returning, but some could be used in trades if we go after, say, Paul George)   Returning Depth Chart:(under contract) PG: Haliburton, McConnell  SG: Nembhard, Mathurin, Sheppard  SF: Nesmith, Brown PF: Walker C: Turner, Jackson     Free Agents: Pascal Siakam(most likely to stay, but cost a lot $40m+) ** Doug McDermott(would like back at 2yr $10m range) James Johnson(vet min) Jalen Smith (player) - might elect to see if he can get more than $5.4m on open market  Obi Toppin (restricted)- could be expensive to retain/ potential S+T possibilities  Oscar Tshiebwe (restricted)(vet min) Quenton Jackson (restricted)(vet min) Isaiah Wong (restricted)(vet min)         So here is where the problem lays. Indy is small market, I think there is almost no chance we will go into the tax. So here is how that is looking.   1st Apron Tax Cap Space:(including $5.4m PO for Smith) $64m   **Siakam - Siakam should start around $42.6 million and could be 5yrs, $247.1m or 4yrs, $190.8 million.(This was based off of $142m, think they are looking at $141m now so could lower a bit. Not much.   So Pascal will probably most likely cost around $42.6m next season     That brings our 1st Apron Space to: $21.4m   Toppin (RFA tender $8-$10m)(more than likely will receive an offer bigger than that) Tshiebwe, Wong + Jackson - $5.6m   Down to $5.8-$7.8m in 1st Apron Space: (2 open roster spots)   McDermott? - $5m? Johnson? - $2m?     Going to be interesting, and is fast approaching.     Trade Pieces: Siakam (S+T, if can't agree on contract?) Toppin(S+T) Smith (if he picks up PO) Nesmith We also have (3) 2nd round picks and future 1st.
    • With me, I look at average life expectancy at 80 years old. Once someone turns 80 the clock really ticks. My mom is 71 and she still gets around like a 50 yr old. Tough day after the news of Bill Walton. 
    • Daniel Scott is my sentimental pick. Mt deceased son's name was Scott with middle name of Daniel. So in memory of Scott Daniel my pick is Daniel Scott.
    • Yeah he was only 71 but I just heard he had cancer, I had no idea. This is a day ruiner. He was such a big name for the sport of basketball. I am having trouble believing this. 
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