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Sean Payton was the "hot" "hot" "white hot" head coaching candidate - being named as the favorite for the Falcons - Broncos - and - Cardinals.


To this point - he hasn't even made the second round of interviews.


Your opinions as to WHY.........

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Personally I think Payton is overrated. Most seem to either forget or overlook his part in Bounty-gate. There was a reason he got suspended for a season.  He lied and tried to cover up that he knew what was going on.  Is that trust worthy?


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On 1/29/2023 at 8:34 PM, azcolt said:

Some teams surely don’t want to give up choice draft picks for an aging coach who walked away from his last job.

I think this was the "snafu" for some of the other teams.


You have to pay the "draft compensation" - PLUS - the mega buck$$$ for the new head coach.


After their mega-trade for Russell Wilson last season - one wonders HOW MANY draft picks they have left over the next couple of years to build their team????

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