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10 hours ago, Superman said:


1) I'm not assuming the women are telling the truth (although I'm less inclined to dismiss these accusations than you seem to be, but that's a difference of opinion). On the other hand, you are assuming that you know whether Watson did what he's accused of or not. It can be difficult to prove lack of consent related to intimate encounters; even moreso when many of the accusations do not include any intimate contact, and the accusations that do include contact would not be supported by any physical evidence. Lack of an indictment in a situation like this does not prove innocence. 


But your conclusion seems to be 'hey, sounds like everything that happened was consensual, so what's the problem?' And I don't see how you reach that conclusion. Even if you're inclined not to believe the accusers, you don't know what did or didn't happen.


2) Connected to the previous point, the NFL has suspended players for inappropriate conduct, even in the absence of legal penalties. Ezekiel Elliott is a good example. Ben Roethlisberger is another.

1.  I’m not assuming innocence.  If I had to GUESS from what little evidence I’ve personally seen, I’d guess consensual Happy Endings.  Just circumstantially.  Just a guess.  The lack of a Grand Jury indictment is  the major factor in my guessing and the fact that there are so many accusers actually contributes to my guess.


From limited info, I don’t see that he’s done anything illegal except possibly soliciting prostitution.  Not sure what NFL policy is in that.


2.  If the NFL wants to suspend him for what he’s admitted, that’s their right As far as I’m concerned.



but bottom line I don’t think thin the dude should be suspended because he’s been accused that’s all.  If the law declined to charge him, not find not guilty mind you but not even deem the evidence substantial enough to charge, then the GC must have concluded that the witnesses are not credible.  The acts aren’t in dispute as far as I know.  

and one more thing and I sincerely mean this.  I am not soft on sexual crime.  What I think should be done to sexual criminals is certainly radical by the standards of the modern world.

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