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NFL Sunday Ticket -Apple Appears To Be Front Runner


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For out of state fans. or fans having difficulty viewing away games - it appears that starting in 2023 the NFL Sunday Ticket will have a new home. Apple is rumored to already have a deal in place. Most people I have talked to are really hoping that this will bring a one team subscription option. The rumor suggests that Apple requested that the NFL not make a public announcement at this time. Amazon appears to be the other high bidder. 





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This would be great. Its one thing to spend the $300 on the Sunday ticket if you have Direct TV already but its another thing entirely to assume a $70 per month charge (for 2 years) for the service AND then pay $300 for the Ticket. 


I thought Direct TV made a giant mistake not marketing a mobile version of the Ticket that didn't require the monthly service. They'd get the $300 from me every year but, as it stands, they will never get $0 from me. I have to believe there are hundreds of thousands of people in a similar situation and it appears Apple sees it that way too.

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