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2021 Preseason Game #2: Colts at Vikings, Saturday, Aug. 21st, 8pm ET


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3 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Drivers License Feel Sorry GIF by Olivia Rodrigo
to all out of market fans 

Its the mark of a true fan to follow your team regardless of location. I grew up in Indy but live in Colorado. I always have to pay to watch my Colts play but its well worth it. Don't feel sorry for me though.... CO>IN...:stir:

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6 minutes ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

Well it was either watching that or the Cubs drop another game, I am now watching the Packers game

I watched part of the LLWS  and finished listening to one of the latest James Patterson novels and started a Harlan Coben work


  now I am watching the CFL matchup between Winnipeg and Toronto 

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5 hours ago, NFLfan said:


Did you consider choosing the Giants, Eagles or Jets when you were choosing a team?  Were you in Southern NJ? There are many Colts fans in NJ. 

I followed the Giants/Jets once they started the regional broadcasting rules.  There wasn’t much of any press on teams that weren’t local where I grew up in central Jersey (to answer your question).  I caught a few games to see the Jones to Carr connection a few times though.  That was fun.


There may be Colts fans in NJ now, but I rarely ever saw them, haha.


You must have struggled seeing Vikes games in NY?

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