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Has Anyone Else Watched Past Colt - Patriot Games This Week?

Blue Horseshoe

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I watched the 2006 AFC Championship on Monday and the 2004 Divisional playoff on Tuesday.

Tonight I plan to watch the 2005 game in Foxboro and tomorrow the 2007 game in Indy.

For the past several seasons this has been my favorite game of the year.

Colts Pats has been the biggest rivalry in the NFL for the past 7 or 8 years. ...

Until this one of course... :(

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Ahh, that truely was our finest hour.

I think the win @ Baltimore was the teams true "finest hour"... Indy scores 15 pts, does not reach the end zone, Manning throws 2 Int's, and INDY WINS WITH STELLAR D AND SPECIAL TEAMS.

This game was heaven to me. Indy outplaying the BEST D in the NFL.

That was the game that told the rest of the NFL.... watch out! This TEAM is for real.

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I've been watching their 2009 meeting with "the call"....since I can't watch the game on Sunday (Thanks CBS Chicago :hissy: ) I have to listen online again, but I might just have the DVR replaying the game of the past. Problem is, until the 4th quarter, the Colts were pretty much man handled in that game, but seeing BB's face when they don't make the 4 & 1 is a classic.

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