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11-26-11 Mock Draft With Trade

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1st overall pick- QB Andrew Luck

-Indy restructures Mannings deal so it is more tradeable, and Washington is desperate for a QB since Barkley stays in school, so they trade their 1st and 2nd round picks for Manning. This is based on him being healthy for next year.

1st(via trade)- WR Justin Blackmon (Hopefully an amazing combo with Luck to Blackmon for years to come! This makes our WR one of the best again with Blackmon, Collie, Garcon. Reggie leaves for FA)

2nd- T Riley Reiff (Kelechi Osemeli is rising and could surpass Reiff and this tackle class is very good this year so I wouldnt mind this pick at all. Plus this upgrades 2 positions in RT and OG from Ijalana moving there.)

2nd(via trade)- SS Mark Barron (Gives us a good safety to put with Bethea)

3rd- Either NT Dontari Poe or CB Casey Hayward (We need upgrades to both postions badly, and I would like to see us sign a FA at either or both spots too.)

4th- Either NT or CB (Whichever we didnt address in round 3)

Rest of draft- Best player available

-Also in the offseason we move Jerry Hughes to OLB since we change up our defense a little to a 4-3 Over/Under meaning we involve a pass rushing OLB. Wheeler and Hughes split time here.

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As a Colts fan, it makes me shake my head in disbelief to see so many people wanting to do everything possible to trade Manning so that we can start a college QB who has proved absolutely NOTHING at the NFL level...it also drives me nuts to see so many people say that we should move Ijalana to OG, and even going further as to say that it would improve our OG situation...how so? You all do realize that he has never played OG before in his entire football life, right? But somehow, as if by magic, he's automatically going to be good at that position?

My "dream scenario" for next season, draft included, is that Peyton comes back for 4 more good years at QB...we draft OTHER positions of need in rounds 1-7, and compete for a super bowl over the next few years n hopefully win at least one. And sometime between now and the time Peyton retires in 4 years, we draft our next QB.

I hate hearing everyone say that we need to draft a QB now so we can "groom" him for a few years...wth do you even mean by that? Our back up QB, along with pretty much every other back up in the league does NOT practice with the starting offense...and also doesnt play any meaningful minutes during the season, if it can be avoided...so how exactly will that "groom" him? I would rather our next QB be someone who is still in college, and plays college ball until a year or so before Peyton retires, and then gets to hit the ground running from the get go, instead of sitting on the sidelines getting rusty and out of practice for the next few years.

But thats just my opinion

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