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The Colts Can Be Back On Top Next Year..


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I think Manning can try to get us to 9-7 next year... whether that is good enough to get in the playoffs....? No one seems to remember how Manning struggled to get us to 10-6 last year... the frustration on his face after we gave up another TD so quickly and then he had to go back on the field to match it. There were A LOT of close games by 2-4 points that we won by.

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Why don't you want outdoor games for the Colts in December? Are you implying that the Colts can't play in the winter elements? Snow/cold is no stranger to the Colts. In fact, the Colts practice in the cold to prepare for cold outdoor games. Historically, the Colts have played well and won quite of few games in the cold, snow, and rain.

Rain, snow, or shine, the Colts can play anywhere.

we are a team built for artificial turf (for speed) for our defense. We have a dome environment (fixed weather for our passing game). We have NO running game.. Why again would we succeed in a snowy December game?

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Improving? Lets see the Titans have an aging QB with an untested rookie in the wings whom at some point will take over. A high prices RB who could very well be either released to traded in the offseason. A defense that isn't what I would call great...how are they improving? Then there is Jville, a team that has already gone to the rookie QB and they can't score, their D is so so but if you believe the talk will have a new head coach and staff next year which means changes happening...how are they improving. That leaves Houston which everyone says should be improving and yet each year seems to struggle to get to 8-8? Where is all this improvement you see?

darn Genius... The AFC South is "gearing up" for improvement... Is that better? Does that make you feel better about this horrible season?

Improvement does not need to be seen in impediment results... It can also be seen as in "upgrades" to talent. Which the AFC South has done from top too bottom.

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No one seems to remember how Manning struggled to get us to 10-6 last year...

right, with the entire team on IR...brilliant!!!

if we had a regular injury expectancy we would have been 14-2, 15-1 last year. We basically lost the entire team to injuries.

But yeah, you are right..he struggled to lead us to 10-6...

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Baltimore and Pittsburgh are not on the decline. They are the two best teams in the AFC right now.

Houston is just as much of a contender as those two, I don't know if you guys have heard of Arian Foster but that guy is having a pretty darn good season and they have been lighting it up without Andre Johnson. They are having the best season in their franchise history.

Want to reevaluate that Houston love??

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I am very confident that we will be right back near the top if manning comes back healthy. I could be wrong but I believe we play the AFC East and NFC North divisions next year along with our 6 division games and the two division 4th place finishers from the AFC north and west (CLE and DEN prob). NFC north is probably the toughest NFC division unfortunately but I still see no reason why we cant go 5-1 in our divison, and the most possible losses being to GB, CHI, NE, and NYJ for 11-5 at worst. PM is just that good.

Even if we draft Luck, we still will get the 33rd pick which is only like 4 or 5 picks higher than we usually pick.

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Posted · Hidden by Coltssouth, November 18, 2011 - Selling tickets
Hidden by Coltssouth, November 18, 2011 - Selling tickets

I see us back at 11-5 resting our starters the last week because we cant the 1 or second seed.

With peyton, anything is possible

How would you like to buy 4 season tickets to watch this 11-5 season? Section 228, row 5. Face

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