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    <p>Im a 20 year old college student from PA. I been a colts Fan sinces 2003(yes after that monday night game in TB)</p><p>
    I would love to see the colts play one time in my life. Other then that im just a normal guy. I work as an Desktop engineers for a local firm, Im broke as a joke like every other college kid i know, and im loving life.</p>
  1. I think after the first week he looks pretty good. If the run game stays strong all year I can see us really winning 9-10 games. With that being said I know teams will start to stack the box and start playing the run. Brissett will need to make them pay with his arm. I like where the team is so far
  2. I guess we need to at least give Jacoby this season to show us what he can do
  3. How do you see us beating the lions with that high scoring offense and the jets defence? anyway, it would be nice to win a superbowl but if your rank all 32 teams and which one that would be in the superbowl the colts will be somewhere around 28-30 lol
  4. I will use the bears when i really want to win a game. Other than that i will stick it out with the colts and luck, and i will try to run the ball DB
  5. Best quote of the day. I still play 2k5 now and i have a ps3 with madden 12! you only pay for the roster update and its sad. 2k 05 had football right. just watch the game. the halftime show is amazing for a 2k game.
  6. I agree, madden has suck so badly since being added to the xbox 360 and ps3 system. There are some plays that are unstoppable. and teams like the radiers are unbeatable with those wr with 95+ speed.
  7. I can not agree any better than this post
  8. It's not even fact yet we will take him in the draft. A team could offer us so many picks we trade away the pick
  9. I must say I can't agree anymore. You have to look at what's happening now
  10. I don't think anyone is playing games, the colts are still, not sure of what to do yet, In the end, I think Peyton will be here.
  11. I would not be shocked if hughes is not cut before the start of the season.
  12. lol my boy firejimcaldwell got this on the money. A date won't solve our problems
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