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  1. I think after the first week he looks pretty good. If the run game stays strong all year I can see us really winning 9-10 games. With that being said I know teams will start to stack the box and start playing the run. Brissett will need to make them pay with his arm. I like where the team is so far
  2. I guess we need to at least give Jacoby this season to show us what he can do
  3. We are blessed with the best owner in the biz

  4. Peyton please send us a sign

    1. Zebra3


      ...and the skies did open, and a football did descend, and it was good.

  5. 3 points vs the jags? time for caldwell to go to penn state

  6. Just completed a bash/script that displays Colts fourm post without having the fourms pages up, as a little ticker. Linux =p

    1. Nadine


      you mean, you see new threads or active threads?

  7. 0-20 wow come on , can we get a firstdown??

  8. Ok thats it, Fire Jim Caldwell

  9. Getting ready to watch the Colts play the Saints, Man I hope we can just steal a win tonight

  10. Im up in school looking to get some work done today

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