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Man, Pats have a mega easy schedule from here on out. Their toughest opponent...

...the team falling apart at the seams, the Bills.

hehe..they put up the easy list and then I say wait..the Bills are on it..oh wait...but...they're still tough. You're only one game behind with 1 H2H win.

Man Fitz had a rough day with Dallas from what I caught on NFL redzone.

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We simply don't match up well with the Jets...their receivers are light years more physical than our defensive backs and their defensive backs are legions more physical than our receivers...they beat us down every single time in that department, and our passing game is suffocated like a burmese python on a rat.

And our defense just flat out blew up today...even if Fitz brought his A+ game we still lose. Romo was 23 of 26, so about 90% of his passes completed!

Bills can still finish off with a winning season if they can beat the teams they're supposed to beat....Dolphins x2, Titans, and Broncos. Winning those 4 would secure us a winning season.

But for us to get a playoff spot, we need to win 1, maybe 2 of these games in addition to the teams mentioned above... @Jets, @Pats, and @Chargers...I expect us to get swept by Jets...and I'd be super greedy to ask for a Pats sweep...and knowing the Bills, Rivers will have a magical day against our defense...

Considering I still had relatively low expecations for this team this season...9-7 wouldn't be too horrible, it's just stink missing out on the playoffs...

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Brady played excellent last night, made plays when it mattered. Kudos to the defense as well.

Yeah they really put it all out last night. I thought MNF messed up on the introductions when there was nothing but a face on two of the secondaries. Then they explained they didn't have it..they just came up from the practice squad. lol.

Julius Edlemen went out on defense when they got enough of a lead.

We got a penalty for a helmut hit but it was to our own guy. The new guy probably was anxious on the hit and collided with McCourty knocking him out of the game but the refs thought he hit a Jet. wow what a game. And it was edge of seat till near the end even though the score looks otherwise.

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    • The only element that "might" struggle is our running game, but I don't think that will happen either. Our pass O, pass D, and rush D should all dominate. My fear is we come out with a very conservative game plan, playing soft zone, and trying to not pass. 
    • I'm optimistic too, but "potential" can be a trap. I like the measurables of the guys we have, but most are wildcards. And let's be honest, the "potential" we've had has been a bit stunted in terms of growth due to QB woes 2 of our last 4 years. But yes, we do have a lot of speedy athletic, although raw and small school guys at WR. TE is however another story. If we remove Burton from the conversation (he's not a traditional TE, and is more slot than anything), Doyle is the only proven, and MAC is the only one I see with legit potential. At RB, Taylor is the only legit true RB aside from Mack. Wilkins is good depth, but he's not bell cow between the Ts guy. He's a zone rushing back most effective on the edge. Great depth, and will look great later in games behind our OL, but not a #1. Hines is a great APB and is legit. 
    • The Colts not only need to win, but they need to come out and make a statement on Sunday. They need to destroy the Jets on both sides of the ball and win this game by a landslide.
    • Ballard completely rebuild 98% of the roster in three years. I don't count 2017 because he didn't have his own coaching staff and had to deal with Pagano. Even with Andrew Luck retiring, Ballard never stopped building the Colts into the highly talented roster they currently have today. I don't think Ballard gets enough credit just like I don't think Andrew Luck got enough when he was carrying the Colts pitiful roster for multiple years on his back.
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