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We Should Trade Manning For Picks!

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Completely agree. I have said this very thing several times in this thread. Those who believe that Manning would bring a wealth of high picks because he is Manning are completely overlooking the things you said. He is old, put together with duct tape and costs a boat load - who would give anything substantial in return for a QB with that current resume?

He would definitely win games for whoever took him, but at what cost and for how long?

He's basically an anomaly: both untouchable and untradeable

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Trading Manning for picks is as dumb as trading Luck for picks. We keep both. and the colts win another superbowl with Manning, and Luck learns behind him for his last 2 years, but does clean-up duty to lessen Mannings load during games.. plus gives Luck some experience and be ready in 2 years to take over. This is the best strategy for us, if only we could be so fortunate for it to happen.

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