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  1. I don't know but any new back Colts get will need to learn for years how to run behind this porous OL and ppl will start to appreciate what Donald has done.
  2. Do you really think Castonzo is starter-quality on most other NFL teams? From what I have seen he is just mediocre, but Colts don't have a lot of good OL men.
  3. It is no longer a mystery about how to beat Broncos and a degenerating Pats. The biggest mystery now is for the rest of NFL how to beat Seahawks and 49ers which are loaded with talents on both sides of the football without any major weaknesses. But for beating all these teams but the Pats, ironically as it is the weakest among all these top teams, Colts may have an answer.
  4. Gronk would call it a career at the end of 2014.
  5. Actually a failed drive is not that big a deal if it ends up with a punt. Instead Manning tossed the ball into the opponent's hands and gave up a TD or gave the defense short field. They tried to run a little bit but found Seattle with 7-men front was not as soft as Patriots, so they gave up. But as good as Seattle's front 7, their secondary is even better. Teams have beaten Seattle by committing to the run, while Manning simply wanted to carry the load. Poor decision and a disastrous game mostly on him.
  6. Miller will be the next super talented NFL player ran into ground by his own behavior.
  7. Great point. NFL teams are more evenly matched and can adjust and come back strong even after a huge blowout. One common thing the three teams did when the came back was they all emphasized the running game. Even for Saints with Brees an elite QB, they maintained a near 50-50 passing to running ratio when they were down by 16 points, and they managed to come back for a game tying drive at the end. This was the blueprint for beating Seattle, which Denver strangely didn't even consider.
  8. If there is such a drastic turnaround, what exactly has Carroll changed in these years? If not I'd start to suspect they are using lots of PED at Seattle.
  9. If Denver stopped to run the ball when they were down by 8 pts, it was going to be a problem against even an average secondary since it was just that much easier to defend a one-dimensional team. If you saw how patient and committed to the run the three teams beating Seattle were, you'd know it was not a very good game plan from Manning's side.
  10. BB's problem is he has not had a group of players with this level of talent for almost a decade. When they had that great defense they were pretty creative and they trashed Peyton Manning every year until that group of defense got decomposed for FA and retirement.
  11. Don't you think Manning actually enjoys carrying the load? Going to Seattle or SF he's probably having another ring by now, but more than just winning I think he likes to win in his own way, which is not always welcomed everywhere especially for coach with strong personality. Don't you think Mike McCoy going to San Diego also wants to prove sth.? I think they just talked about the recruiting, but both sides knew it was not serious. Remember Carroll said when he received Manning's call (isn't it strange for the interviewee to be called?) he was asked by Manning what plan Seahawks had for him
  12. I don't know, but Colts blew SF out at SF and beat Seattle at home, and Pats blew out Colts, while Pats then got blown out by Denver just one week later. The disparity between NFL teams is smaller than it looks like, sometimes it is about match up, sometimes it is about game flows. And there are always injury issues. Any given Sunday. Looks like Denver will play Seattle to open the season. Will be a long preparation.
  13. Not Edge, it was Addai. And I agree that year Colts had a better team and they played like a team. Manning was not the superstar in that Super Bowl run. And luckily Chargers got knocked out.
  14. Broncos with Ryan Clady at LT will be back and Manning will have another season with 60 TDs. I don't predict 70 TDs only because they are playing NFC west. But how far they can go into the playoff is again a big "?" .
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