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Things Are Not Looking Up For The Colts


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Things are NOT Looking Up for the Colts

Well, the Colts are 0-6. The Colts don’t have their star quarterback; the starting running back and the offensive line is banged up. The defense is also playing badly, and has arguably the worst defense in the NFL; things are not looking up.

The reason why things are not looking up is that we’ve faced some beatable teams, and lost, and now the Colts have to face the Saints, the Titans and the Falcons. Those teams have a combined 11-6 record. Each team has a highflying offense, with great quarterbacks and great playmakers on the offense. Let’s look through the next three games:

Week 7 – New Orleans Saints

They obviously have Drew Brees, who just by himself, can pick apart and destroy our defense. They have the best tight end in football this year in Jimmy Graham, and in the last several weeks, the Colts have had trouble with tight ends. They also have a pretty good running game with Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram, so that’s another thing. Our defense is playing awful, especially in the secondary, so the Saints game will definitely be a loss. The game is also in New Orleans, one of the hardest stadiums to play in.

Week 8 – Tennessee Titans

Well, if there was one winnable game out of the 3, it’s this one. Although they have the better running back out of the 3 teams I listed, he’s having a bad year so far, plus the Colts have stopped him in the past. Matt Hasselback is playing well, so well that he’s the reason why this team is playing so well. He’s just been great so far this year, and even without Kenny Britt he puts up good numbers. Their offense is very balanced, but expect them to go pass heavy against us, and the Colts have a very bad secondary so that’s not good. Their defense is very good. They may not create that much pressure, but Michael Griffin, Cortland Finnegan, and Jason McCourty are all great defensive backs. Their linebackers are also very good, especially with Barett Ruud in the middle. Although I think the Colts can beat their defense, I think they’re offense is too good for the Colts defense. Plus the game is in Tennessee on October 30, just when it starts getting cold in Tennessee.

Week 9 – Atlanta Falcons

Don’t be fooled by their record, their good. Their losses are to the Packers, Bucs and Bears; all teams that have great defenses. The Colts don’t have a great defense; they have an awful defense (arguably the worst in the league). Their defense is great at pass rushing, and we clearly saw that in the Packers game, so that’s not good for Curtis Painter, who is awful against the blitz. They have Brent Grimes, who is turning into a shutdown corner, and their linebackers are great (Lofton and Nicholas are very good). Even though the game is in Indianapolis Colts, this game is not looking good for the Colts.

The Colts then have the Patriots, Ravens and Titans from Week’s 13 to 15; 3 games that are also tough to win. If the Colts had a easy schedule, they may pull off a string of victories, but with teams like the Saints, Falcons, Patriots, Ravens and Titans in the next month and a half, it could and probably will be a string of losses. Unless the Colts change drastically on offense and on pass defense, it’s not looking up for the Colts.

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Our outlook this year is grim at best with the team's current defensive talent level, coaching staff & upcoming schedule. It's enough to reduce the most ardent of Colts fans into someone who just counts on losing this season. Our storm clouds will have a silver lining but we won't see it until April.

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....... Our storm clouds will have a silver lining but we won't see it until April.

And that silver lining is (1) a possibilty that a (2) 1-year older, (3) 1-year-rusty, (4) bad-necked QB will make sunshine and rainbows come out of our butts? :)

Our is it just Luck?

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The teams on our schedule mean absolutely nothing. Everyone's tough in the NFL. It's not like we have "ranked" teams coming up.

The games will be hard to watch. We will fight, claw, and struggle, and come up short a lot. But we won't face a bunch of blowouts.

The Saints lost to the Bucs today. The same "bad" Bucs we lost to. We were closer to winning, in all honesty, and we don't have half of our team. What's the Saints excuse? They have Brees.

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I'm going to get a lot of heat for this but at this point, what is the point of rooting for the team even further? 0-6. Go look at the Texans remaining games, they are all against average to below average teams. Their toughest opponent is the Falcons/Bucs who are not even top teams in the league. The Texans have faced the hardest teams so far and managed to go 3-3 (Saints, Raiders, Ravens, Steelers) now they get the Browns, Jagsx2, Titansx2, Colts, Panthers, Bengals, Bucs, Falcons.

The Colts get the Pats, Saints, Ravens coming up soon. Then the Jags x2, Titans x2, Texans x1 , Panthers, Falcons. I can see the Colts going 2-14 or 3-13 at best.

At this point I'll be happy if we get the 1st pick in the draft.

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