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Giovani Bernard

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Bernard is a very solid pick-up, let Woodhead go. He doesn't have the talent that Spiller, Murray, or Morris have, and Bernard has that talent too. Woodhead is great again poor run defenses (ahem). I picked him up a few weeks back, and he is relatively consistent with a 9.2 avg Fantasy Points a week. .Give or take a few points, clearly it's an average so far. I've had less production out of Doug Martin on a few occasions this season. Never really expected it, but I am glad I picked him up. 

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You just broke my heart. Spiller is the one that's killing me.

spiller is killing me too, but with the injuries to Buffalo's QBs means they'll run the ball more.

My advice is wait til he has a big game in the next 2-3 weeks and then sell high on him.

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Should I drop CJ Spiller, Danny Woodhead, or DeMarco Murray and pick up Giovani Bernard? Woodhead is feast or famine, Murray is injured and injury prone, and Spiller has been consisntly underachieving all season.

Which of those guys would you drop? I also have Alfred Morris who is undroppable.


I'd drop Woodhead and pick up Bernard for sure.


However, first I would try and pair him with either Spiller or Murray and trade him off for one good RB, then pick Bernard up with the free roster spot the trade would create.

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